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Immanuel Lutheran Church
Crosby, June 2020
Immanuel is Reopening

Immanuel will be resuming worship services in the sanctuary beginning Sunday, June 28th.There will be services at 9:00am and 10:30am. The 9:00am service will require all attendees to wear masks and masks will be optional at the 10:30am worship service. Only 50% capacity is allowed at the worship services. Please click on the link to Immanuel's website provided below for complete information about the reopening.

Days For Girls
by Barb Moe

We started the Days For Girls project in 2017 after Ken & Penny Ekegren visited Immanuel. Penny talked about the girls not having the capability or resources that would allow them to go into the public during their menstrual cycles, especially school. 

We sent three large suitcases filled with kits with the team from Immanuel in December of that year. Penny reached out to us needing liners, shields and undies to fill kits which they were working on in Ohio. We responded by sending three large stuffed boxes to complete their kits.

Mike & Eileen Patrick attended a family and class reunion in Ohio and offered to take our finished kits with them in 2018. We shoved large black bags filled  with DFG kits in every nook and cranny of their car, yes we did leave their belongings in the car. We still had to mail three boxes to Penny. Ken & P
enny took these kitsto Malawi with them.
Ken recently contacted Pastor and said that he had arranged for a shipping container to Malawi and he would take any kits we had ready to go. We mailed four full large boxes with DFG kits, one box with 600 large liners and 500 small liners and a box with kits and several washcloths. We sent a large box to Penny containing parts of the kits which We had sewn. 
The ladies/girls in Malawi are learning to make the DFG kits themselves. We are using up the fabric which we have to make liners and draw string bags and will send them to Penny. We will then be done with this purposeful/ rewarding mi  ssion. We made over   a thousand DFG menstrual kits to help the girls/women in Malawi.

We are still going to do the MWM and send the proceeds to Malawi for the Days For Girls program.

The DFG team

Children's Ministry

The VBS program for this year is yet to be determined as different options are explored. Make sure to watch the newsletters, the website and any other communication from Immanuel for details on this. 

Also you can check the  Children's Ministry Facebook page  for updates.  

Youth Ministry

Hello, It's that time of year again, graduation!  This year honoring the graduates will look a little different (and at a distance), but let me assure you that they are being recognized.  They will all receive a fleece blanket, fashioned by their parents and a picnic lunch after church service  on Saturday June 20, 2020 provided by Subway. 

A very honorable mention to the youth that have shown up for the first Thursday
of the month food distribution!!!!  They have been a true blessing , sharing their most prized possession, time.   A great way to earn service hours AND help our community!

Upcoming event :
Wednesday July 1, 2020 @ 6:30  @ Immanuel,  meeting with parents of youth.

I have been utilizing this isolation time to further my training and I am thoroughly enjoying it!  Thank you for your love and support.   

Looking forward to seeing you all in person soon.

Take care God bless 
Tammy Freeburg,
Youth Ministry Coordinator
Meal With A Mission

Immanuel had a drive through Meal With A Mission on Sunday May 17th to  benefit the Lunch Bunch program - providing bag lunches for children in the community during the summer months. For this Meal With A Mission those wishing to participate needed to drive down the alley behind the church and pick up their bag lunch.
The next Meal With A Mission will benefit the Cuyuna Range Youth Center on Sunday, June 21st and will also be a drive through meal. You will be asked to drive through the alley coming from the end by the high school and someone will deliver your meal to you at the door at the door of the church. This meal will be served from 10:00am to 12:00pm. The menu is Chicken Salad Croissants, potato salad, grapes, brownies and water or pop. 
Pentecost Sunday

Everyone watching the video worship service on Pentecost Sunday, May 31st was asked to wear red and then send photos for publication. 

If you have any photos of what your "worship at home" looks like, please send them to Marian Segersten at msegersten@gmail.com.



Make sure to check out the calendar on Immanuel's website to be informed of happenings at Immanuel. If you have any questions about an event, please contact the church office. Click on the Calendar tab on the home page of the website to view this calendar.

Please remember that Immanuel's Story will no longer be mailed to you so you will not receive the paper calendar that you have received in the past. That calendar will be available on the website for you to print at home.

Our 2020 Spirit of Christmas Bazaar is scheduled for Saturday, November 14. A Meal with a Mission, to help fund bazaar expenses,  is scheduled for August 16, 2020. Please mark your calendars! If you would like to help with this meal please contact Nancy Nyvold at 612-804-4917 or Karen DeBoer at 763-442-0755.

Even though the bazaar is a few months away, careful consideration now would be a good time to get ideas percolating, and perhaps decide on a committee that you would enjoy joining.  Also, you may have extra buttons, ribbons, pine cones, fabric, burlap, pipe cleaners, rope, dried florals, artificial pine boughs or unused artificial Christmas trees, crafty embellishments, etc., that could be donated. Hold on to anything that could be used to make an item crafty, unique and beautiful.  Also consider donations that a child would want to "purchase" for his/her parents in the Children's Shop Stop.  

Manna For Malawi

The annual Manna For Malawi Event scheduled for June 28th has been moved to Sunday, August 23rd from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at the Woodtick Inn in Cuyuna. The Johnny Holm Band will again perform. Food will be provided by Maucieri's Italian Bistro with beverages by Mixed Company A Kava House. All are welcome!

Immanuel's Facebook Page

Check out Immanuel's  Facebook  page. Brenda Bongs is maintaining this page and is posting photos of happenings at Immanuel as they happen. If you have information that you would like to see publicized on Facebook, please contact Brenda at  buttser14@yahoo.com .

Immanuel's E-News

This newsletter  is published the 15th of every month. If you have any photos or news  items that you would like to see in the enews or on Immanuel's website please send them to  msegersten@charter.net .
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