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Enabling the Future With OpenTravel Monthly News
We are excited to share with you each month the momentum of OpenTravel and connect with you, your business and the world of distribution. OpenTravel has entered a new era of service to enable the future of seamless travel distribution for the digital consumer in an increasingly mobile world. Since 1999, OpenTravel has set the standard across all travel verticals: air, lodging/hospitality, rental car, ground transportation and more.

We have been on the move the last few months, driving awareness and adoption through white papers and publications with a new team, forging relationships with individuals, companies, allied organizations, universities and standards associations outside of travel, and participating in allied events including HFTP, GBTA, IATA NDC Hackathons, proof of concept pilots, travel technology meetings and more. Read below for all of the latest news and updates.

We look forward to engaging more with you in the months to come.
Mike Tinkey, CEO OpenTravel
OpenTravel Launches 2017B 1.0 Specification
OpenTravel is pleased to announce that the 2017B publication of the OpenTravel 1.0 XML Message Suite specification is now available. This publication highlights changes to cruise messaging to associate a passenger to a cabin.

For more information on the 2017B 1.0 Specification, please email Sandy Angel, specification director, at
Updates on the OpenTravel 2.0 Object Model
  • The Hotel Availability and Reservation functionality in the OpenTravel 2.0 Object Model is nearing completion. Look for member/public review beginning in the coming weeks.

  • The Roadmap Committee is deciding what is next for the 2.0 Object Model. If you have functionality that you are looking to implement that is not already part of the object model, please let us know what you need.

  • CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: OpenTravel is looking to kick off a project team for 2.0 car rental availability and reservation. If you are interested in participating, please email Sandy Angel at

On The Move!
OpenTravel consistently moves forward by:

  • Adding valuable members to the OpenTravel Advisory Council, including:
  • Mark LomannoPartner/Senior Advisor, Kalibri Labs
  • Paul Ian Armitage — Director, Le Golf National

  • Building collaborative partnerships with allied associations, including Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG), to develop and adopt shared standards.

  • Participating in IATA NDC "hackathons" — in Dublin, Ireland; Silicon Valley, California; and Paris, France — where APIs implementing OpenTravel and HTNG's standards were included in award-winning presentations. Learn More About the IATA NDC Hackathons

  • Collaborating with Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP®) to increase staff resources that help accelerate OpenTravel globally and facilitate valuable research.
Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG)
Messaging Recommendations 1.0
This workgroup — facilitated by HTNG and in collaboration with industry standards agencies like OpenTravel and the International Air Transport Association ( IATA) — was formed to identify and examine the connectivity of open source and proprietary messaging standards evolving in the travel industry.

The workgroup evaluated HTNG's Lightweight Messaging, OpenTravel's 2.0 Object Model, and IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC). The evaluations resulted in a point of view with potential benefits, impacts and alignment opportunities for OpenTravel Alliance, IATA and HTNG. This document lays out the background on these organizations, their future focus, different industry perspectives, and recommendations for what the hospitality industry could (or should) do.

"Collaboration is key in the standards industry," said Mike Blake, CEO of HTNG. "There is a need for HTNG, OpenTravel, and IATA to collaborate in order to reduce the duplication of standards, and the complexities that multiple standards for the same messaging would cause."

As a result of the report, HTNG intends to continue working closely with the OpenTravel Alliance to synchronize distribution messaging and to collaborate and align with other organizations, such as IATA.

"the OpenTravel Alliance supports unified standards of interoperability to enable the consumer experience for end to end business and leisure travel," said Mike Tinkey. "OpenTravel continues to support all aspects of travel to connect distribution globally and applauds the recommendations of the workgroup to do the same."

OpenTravel and NDC technical staff are engaged in ongoing technical discussions to increase efficiency, avoid duplication, and increase opportunities for interoperability.
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