MAY 2018
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The OpenTravel 2018A 2.0 Object Suite is Now Published
The OpenTravel 2018A 2.0 Object Suite is now published. This release primarily focuses on hospitality and includes functionality for key actions associated with booking a hotel.
Functions of the 2018A Object Suite Publication include searching for hotels, checking availability, creating offers and orders, and booking reservations. Part of the larger 2.0 Object Model, 2018A Object Suite Publication affords implementers with the such benefits as scalability and message customization and personalization. The specification contains both XML and JSON messaging, WSDLs and Swagger, documentation and examples, as well as supporting artifacts. 

The OpenTravel VHack Was a Great Success
OpenTravel’s VHack, our first virtual hackathon, was a great success.  With over 80 participants we had some fabulous applications developed that implemented OpenTravel messaging!

Award winners include:

  • First Place: Workspace Surfer, by Brian Cottrell and Emily Lam

  • Second Place: Carmen Travel, by Bryan Knouse

  • Third Place: AI Travel Assistant, by Martin Minchev and Nadia Kaloyanova

Congratulation to all of our winners! 

You can view these and the other submitted applications here:

A huge "thank you" to hackathon sponsor LinksRez, as well as our API providers for the event: LinksRez, MASAI, and IATA NDC. All of our providers had APIs used within the application submissions.
Impressions from the 2018 OpenTravel Amsterdam Forum
Inside the conference room and during informal networking sessions, delegates at the 2018 OpenTravel Amsterdam Forum engaged in discussions and debates about how to better serve the digital traveler’s experience.

The two newsy centerpieces of the event were:

The presentations, audience feedback and follow-up conversations during the forum demonstrated once again the role OpenTravel plays in producing interoperability standards, enabling networking among industry partners and unearthing relevant topics that educate members about technology and trends that drive their businesses.

Some of the topics, themes and challenges addressed during the forum were:
  • An opening session that framed points of view by the traveler, the travel provider and the technology provider;
  • Evolving distribution standards for blockchain, identity management, payments and machine learning, and OpenTravel’s potential role in providing certification standards;
  • A case study: MASAI Seamless Travel Europe with ground transportation, concierge, long distance bus and destination marketing;
  • Best practices and case studies for customer experience, revenue generation and efficiency in rental car, golf, hospitality, tourism and cruise;
  • How associations like OpenTravel and IATA NDC can collaborate on deploying standards;
  • An important update on Europe’s GDPR privacy initiatives and the risks to travel providers and intermediaries who do business in Europe;
  • And, finally, the first OpenTravel Challenge during which attendees collaborated in a strategy-building workshop to identify new activities OpenTravel will explore to better serve the industry.

We thank all the speakers and attendees for their ideas and support.

As an open, volunteer organization we live and breathe with your ideas and engagement. We invite you to contact us at with your thoughts and feedback.  

Thank you,
Susanne Auinger, Chairperson  
The Hotel Descriptive Content 2.0 Project Team
OpenTravel is off to a running start and stepping into its next project team to create the OpenTravel 2.0 Model for Hotel Descriptive Content. 

If you are interested in co-chairing or participating on the project team, please contact Sandy Angel at

OpenTravel continues to be the most widely adopted standard in the travel industry. Do not let your organization miss the opportunity to have its needs incorporated into the object model.
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