When the word quality is part of your name, quality control must be a forethought, not an afterthought. Jerry Waldroff is the QMI Quality Control Manager, visiting QMI jobsites regularly to oversee installations. Jerry and the QMI Team have made several recent additions to the QMI Quality Control Manual and procedures.

In June QMI hosted a company wide Quality Control Meeting and the staff was 100% in attendance. Our team covered a number of topics including material selection & protection, proper bolting techniques and torque requirements. Selecting the correct hanger support for each piping application was discussed at length. Special attention was given to avoiding cross contamination, ensuring we provide our customers with a superior product. Pressure testing procedures were also on the top of our list, making sure that appropriate testing procedures are used at all times. That also sparked conversation about accurate Weld Mapping, NDE and Welder Log Sheets.

In an effort to take QC to another level, QMI has recently implemented an online employee portal. This provides access to the QMI Quality Control Manual, along with other company guideline manuals, directly from our employee's devices. We believe that quick access to quality and safety guidelines for our employees ensures precision and accuracy.