8.11.2021 | Issue 39
Firm News
Happy Third Anniversary!

On Friday, August 6th, Anthony Apostolico, Katie Diseroad, Brandon Heggan, Jake Musser, and Paul Specht celebrated their third anniversary with Santora CPA Group.
Anthony Apostolico
Katie Diseroad
Brandon Heggan
Jake Musser
Paul Specht
We are so fortunate to have them on our team!
Congratulations Jake!
We are proud to announce that Jake Musser, CPA has been promoted to Senior Accountant!

Santora CPA Group at the Phillies!

As an employee perk, we provide Phillies tickets for our employees to use and share with family and friends. 
On Sunday, July 18th, our friend, Greg Morris attended the Phillies game with a few of his friends.

On Thursday, July 22nd, Bob Elder took some friends to the Phillies game.

On July 23rd, Erin Melhus enjoyed an action-packed game versus the Atlanta Braves with her close friends, Kristie Penland, Ashley Lutek, and Kate Lokai.

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