12.8.2023 | Issue 134

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11 Exceptions to the 10% Penalty Tax on Early IRA Withdrawals

If you’re facing a serious cash shortfall, one possible solution is to take an early withdrawal from your traditional IRA. That means one before you’ve reached age 59½. For this purpose, traditional IRAs include simplified employee pension (SEP-IRA) and SIMPLE-IRA accounts.


Is Your Business Subject to the New BOI Reporting Rules?

What You Need to Know About Restricted Stock Awards and Taxes


Firm News

Happy Anniversary!

We had two anniversaries on December 5th!

Israel Mercado celebrated his 18th anniversary with SCG!

Israel is a Director and is in charge of our Employee Benefit Plan Audit Practice.

He is also an integral part of our Audit Department and our Recruiting Team.

Raeanna Eisenhauer celebrated her 1st anniversary with SCG!

Raeanna is a Staff Accountant and works on a variety of tax and A&A engagements.

We are so grateful for their hard work and dedication everyday!

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