April 2017
President & Owner Lawrence Schaefer featured on WCCO News!

Lawrence Schaefer,
Owner of Schaefer Halleen

WCCO recently interviewed Lawrence Schaefer, Owner of Schaefer Halleen, when a recent case around the "revenge porn law" gained traction in the media. Larry explained what to do if faced with a similar relationship situation in which the dissemination of private sexual images is at hand:

"Whatever you do, don't engage in conduct that could be considered revenge porn.  You're trying to harm someone in any way that you can and affect their future employment as well and, again, that's an aggravating circumstance that could and should lead to felony charges."

The Latest News from Schaefer Halleen

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Larry Schaefer to Moderate at Employment Law Institute

LGBTQ: A Legal Update and Practical Implications in the Workplace

Lawrence Schaefer moderates alongside J ill Gaulding, David Wilk, 
and Eva Wood  to cover protections under Title VII, EEOC positions, local and state ordinances, and key cases. 

Litigating Harassment Claims in 2017: How Cases Are Won or Lost

Lawrence Schaefer moderates alongside Clayton Halunen, Melissa Raphan, and Gregory Stenmoe to present on the key elements of the litigation process, from pleading to discovery to electronic evidence and more.

Jean Boler featured in Minnesota Women's Press
The legal fight against hostile work environments i s far from over.

Senior Attorney
Jean Boler

Minnesota Women's Press recently featured Schaefer Halleen's Senior Attorney Jean 
Boler in their March 2017 edition. 

"On December 30, 1998, Jenson v. Evelyth Mines, the nation's first sexual harrassment class action, settle on the eve of a fourth trial after ten years of bruising litigation. As one of the lead lawyers for the women miners, I celebrated that day with the women who had braved a hostile workplace, community, and, at times, court system, to make new law." 

Jostens "Bullying" Case Must Proceed to Trail

Lawrence Schaefer, lead counsel for former Jostens Senior Creative Director Roger Becker, will proceed against Jostens, who was ordered to face trial in September of 2016, on claims raised by Becker. 

Becker was terminated in June 2014 after complaining that his supervisor, Jostens Chief Marketing Officer Ann Carr, subjected him to sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace. 

HealthEast and CentraCare Sued for Destroying 
Neurosurgeon's Reputation

Doctor Gregory She rr, a distinguished neurosurgeon represented by Schaefer Halleen, LLC, has brought suit in Federal District Court today against HeathEast Care System, C entraCare Health, and six physicians affiliated with these health care providers.  

The Complaint alleges ten legal claims, all arising from what Dr. Sherr and his lead counsel, Lawrence Schaefer at Schaefer Halleen, allege was a "pattern of anti-competitive, tortious and otherwise illegal conduct."
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