Summer 2019 Newsletter

Employee and Visitor ID Badges
Required for a complete security system, this critical piece is often overlooked

While planning a business' security measures, many owners or managers carefully map out which doors they want locked down or where they’d like video cameras installed. However, they often fail to spend any time or properly budget for another critical component of building security.
Employee and visitor identification (badge) systems should be an integral component of your company’s security plan. Most access control systems have built-in capabilities for designing and printing employee badges. Mobile devices, such as iPads, can be used for visitor check in by scanning driver's licenses for badge creation.
Consider a few important reasons to provide ID badges for all people that have access to your workplace:
If You Have a Standalone System
  1. Visual acknowledgement of granted access
  2. Get rid of sign-in sheets that provide no proof of identity and depend on honor system for accuracy
If Employee and Visitor Management is Maintained Within Your Access Control System Software
  1. Pre-screen visitors against felony and sex offender lists
  2. Pre-register visitors and use your security system to restrict or control access (optional)
  3. Display employee and/or visitor pictures on guard monitor at entrance through access controlled doors (Hospitals/Schools/Lifecare)
Click here to view a short video on a typical visitor management system or call i2 Security Solutions at 610-446-5400 for more information. You can also email us at
The Water Cooler

i2 Security Solutions Employee Updates
i2 Security welcomes Luis Ortiz to our company. Luis lives in Philadelphia and is an electrical trade school graduate. He is the newest member to our service installation team and he’s excited to learn and grow with our company!
Welcome Luis!
Kevin Elsesser Jr. i s coming back to work full time with i2 Security after graduating college this past spring. Many of our customers have seen Kevin working with our installation teams in the field over the past 4 years during his college winter and summer breaks. 

Welcome back Kevin!
i2 Security welcomes Bill DiBrino to our company. Bill comes with 15 years experience in the electronic security industry and 20 plus years in the United States Army. Bill will be a lead Technician/Project Manager with our company.

Welcome Bill!
Customer Spotlight
Doylestown Hospital

i2 Security Solutions recently implemented a Parking Access and Revenue Control System at Doylestown Hospital. The parking garage installation consists of eight total lanes of traffic, three in/out lanes and a nesting area for employee parking. The hospital has installed two centrally located pay stations and implemented a patron validation system for parking fee reductions, where applicable.
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