Summer 2021
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miSecureMessage is now listed on Google My Business. We are hoping to expand our reach and build awareness of miSecureMessages. If you could spare a minute and leave a review to help others learn about miSecureMessages we'd greatly appreciate it!

Featured Quarterly Partner
Debra’s Medical Telemessaging, a Victor/Booth Communications Company, is a family-owned business that was started in 1988 out of a dentist’s office with just 1 account. Back in the day they had a variety of clients, including funeral homes, limousine services, and doctor’s offices. In 1995 they moved to Berkley, MI and sold off their non-medical accounts to specialize in the medical profession.

miSecureMessages Tips
Question: Can I use miSecureMessages with my Apple watch?

Answer: Yes, the miSecureMessages Apple Watch app enables users to receive and respond to miSecureMessages notifications on their Apple Watch.

*Note - before the miSecureMessages Apple Watch app can be installed on an Apple watch, the miSecureMessages app must be installed and registered on an iPhone that is paired with the watch.

  • To install miSecureMessages on an Apple Watch, open the Watch app on the paired iPhone. 
  • Tap My Watch in the Tab Bar at the bottom of the screen if it is not already selected. 
  • At the My Watch screen, scroll down to the Available Apps section and find miSecureMessages. 
  • Tap the Install button in the same row as “miSecureMessages.” 
  • When the installation is finished, “miSecureMessages” will be listed in the “Installed on Apple Watch” section of the My Watch screen.
Conveniently Check Your Messages with the miSecureMessages Apple Watch App
The miSecureMessages Apple Watch app enables users to receive and respond to miSecureMessages notifications on their Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch app displays the last three threads in the user’s inbox as well as the last three messages for each of those threads. The Message Threads screen has an indicator for new messages, high priority, and attachments. Attachments can't be viewed on the watch, but a
message is displayed informing the user that the attachments are available on the phone

Articles to Keep You Informed
The Cost of Not Investing in Communication Security
System investments by the numbers: We know the cost of investing… What's the cost of NOT investing?

When a company experiences a data breach, the consequences are multifaceted. Data, trust, reputation, security, and financials are all compromised, and while the effects can be lasting on all counts, dealing with the financial impact can be crippling for any business.

Reducing Burnout with Mobile Communicatio
Burnout—also called compassion fatigue or secondary traumatic stress—in the medical profession can be devastating. Burnout leads to depression, medical errors, high turnover rates, and even suicide. For decades, caretakers across the spectrum of medical fields have experienced serious symptoms of burnout.

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