August 2019
August Birthdays
Jane Hollingsworth (8/3)
Abigail Cobert(8/13)
Lucio Moreno (8/20)
Bryce Sit (8/9) Bob Eatman (8/13) Vickie Pashion (8/28)
Heidi Suehs (8/11)
Carla Adams (8/18)
Join In!
Fellowship Luncheon this Sunday!
It is a HillSong tradition that when we celebrate Communion, we also share a meal. This Sunday, August 4th, we will be celebrating Communion. Please plan to bring a covered dish to share for the Fellowship Meal that is after the worship service, then, stay for the food and fellowship.

Note that we have changed when we have communion and church luncheon to the first Sunday of the even months of the year (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct & Dec).  Our next church lunch will be October 6th.
Church Family Game Night - Sat, Aug 24 @6:30pm
Family Game Night
We all know families need time to play and have fun. The same is true for families of faith. The new school year will be starting sooner than you think. Why not finish out the summer by coming to a Church Family Game Night ? Drinks and ice cream will be provided. You're welcome to bring a favorite snack or ice cream topping. There will be games, including a Nertz table, and activities for all ages. Learn a new game! Teach one to others! Or just come for the fellowship and food! Time together is what this is all about. Questions? Contact Beth Roberts
Special Wed Night Dinner & Sabbatical Wrap-Up - Wed, Aug 21
It was just 2 years ago that the Tennants were on Sabbatical. On Wed, Aug 21, we will have have a chance to hear  the Tennant family tell about the trip they took on during the Sabbatical.  They visited Russia, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Michigan with brief stops in Germany, France, and Canada.  They will share why this trip was so important for them and Pastor Rob will talk about how the Sabbatical helped form his vision for our church.

Come at 5:45pm for Wednesday Night dinner (suggested donation is $6), then stay to hear from the Tennants at 6:45pm.
Summer Vacation Bible Camp continues!
During the month of August, we will using lessons from the VBS "SonSurf Beach Bash". Each Sunday, as kids explore the wonders of the beach, they'll also discover the Big Answers to their Big Questions about Jesus. Five essential Bible verses-including John 14:6-will help them understand who Jesus is and why they need Him. At SonSurf Beach Bash VBS, kids learn that there is only one truth: Jesus! Each Sunday will have the following themes:
SonSurf VBS logo
  • August 4 - Meet Up with Jesus
  • August 11 - Look Up to Jesus
  • August 18 - Join Up with Jesus
  • August 25 - Open Up to Jesus
Workers are needed. Contact Faye if you can help
June Numbers
June 2019 financial snapshot
For more detail on the amounts in the Financial Snapshot, see the June 2019 Financial Statement. Copies are available at the back of the Worship Center on the Information Table.
Thankful for Long Walks  - from Pastor Rob
Walking the path
        I was on a walk this morning, a little over 2 miles. I have been walking a lot this summer. The arthritis in my left knee, first identified in 2004, has worsened of late. It has been about 3 months since I went on a run and I'm not sure when I will again. Actually saying that out loud, or in this case writing it, can be scary or depressing, depending on how I think about it. I have lived robustly. I have hiked up mountains, received black eyes playing full contact rugby, survived army basic training, and endured vicious hits on the football field. I don't feel grateful for limitations.
        However, this morning I did. OK, I wasn't grateful that I have knee pain. I was grateful that in spite of the knee pain, I can walk 2 miles or 5 miles. (I don't know how I'd do after 10).
        I was thankful because I feel so happy while walking. I feel so close to God. Read more