April 2021
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"Plausibility of Resurrection" by Pastor Rob
The Empty Tomb
      With the advances of scientific research too intricate and numerous to recount or even summarize here, it is apparent that the present age is one in which ‘what happens’ can be weighed, measured, timed, and, thus, explained. That is, phenomena can be explained in concrete terms. People sometimes accept things that happen outside the boundaries of scientific explanation, but even in those cases the claim has to make sense.
If one claimed the moon was made of cheese, such a claim would be quickly and easily rejected. Simply examine rocks brought back from the moon and the physical properties of cheese, and look at the process by which cheese is made, and the fact that there are no milk-producing animals on the moon, and the claim is shown to be absurd.
Upcoming Food Distributions
April 17, May 1, 15 & 29
Our Food Pantry will be open April 17, May 1, 15 & 29 - at our usual time from 11am to 12pm.

  • Volunteering one or more Saturdays a month for the drive through food distributions. Bagging begins at 9am and distribution prep begins at 10:30am. Sign up HERE and scroll down to select Chapel Hill Pantry events.
  • Donating groceries - we are collecting dry and canned goods, food items, fresh produce, bread and meat (see most needed items here. Drop off at the collection box outside the church entryway
Youth Ministry Needs
Youth hike 2020
The Hillside youth ministry, aka Fusion, has been active, even through the pandemic. Pastor Rob has been leading their fellowship on Sunday afternoons (5:00-6:30p) and would welcome anyone to co-lead with him. “We have a delightful group of 13 young people. Getting to know them and helping them grow in Christ is a real joy.”
Future plans for Fusion include resuming Sunday School on June 6 and going to Passport Youth Mission in Greenville, SC, from July 5 - 10.
In order for these plans to happen, Pastor Rob needs some help. The needs are:
  • Help teach Youth Sunday School (starting June 6)
  • Organize youth fundraiser for Passport (to offset camp cost for each student)
  • Chaperone the youth to Passport (July 5-10). Female chaperones especially needed.
Please pray about these things and let Dina or Pastor Rob know how you can help.
COVID Update from the Elders
It has been a long year, dealing with COVID-19 and social distancing. We, your church elders, care about your health and your feeling of safety. Our church is ready to do more in-person ministries, and if you have been participating and worshiping from home, we hope you'll come back.
Medical experts who are members of our church have assured us that the vaccines are extremely effective, twice as effective as flu shots. If you have been vaccinated, it is highly unlikely for you to get COVID and highly unlikely for you to pass COVID to others. So, we recommend that all who attend Hillside ministries get vaccinated.
We will continue to wear masks and practice social distancing protocols at our in-person events for the sake of safety. We welcome all, vaccinated or not. We ask that when you come, out of care for others, continue wearing your mask and practice social distancing. Keep watching your emails for information about ministries that will be restarting, including Sunday School. We look forward to seeing you back.
February Numbers
tithes & offerings
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