December 2018
November Birthdays
John Folliard (12/1)
Ann Delaney (12/11)
Lloyd Consaga (12/17)
Patricia Antonevitch (12/5)
Lily Storm (12/12) Tiffany Allen (12/19)
Judy Adcock (12/9)
Kathy Johnson (12/13) James Hollingsworth (12/19)
Beth Roberts (12/11) Starlyn Combs (12/14) Brian Asbill (12/23)
Upcoming Events
Bethlehem Village:  Sat., Dec 8th, @ 5:00pm
There  will be something for everyone! Join us as the children learn to tell the Christmas story.
  • Play practice starts at 5pm
  • Fundraiser Dinner - starts at 5:45pm (Chick-fil-a, soup and hot dogs) - all funds go towards Project Esperanza mission team. Suggested donation: $10/adult, $5/youth, $3/child.
  • Missions Marketplace - sale of arts, goods made by and supporting our mission partners.
  • Christmas play starts around 6:30pm - all children present are welcome to participate
  • Cookies and milk with Santa Claus
Contact Heather or Tabitha for more information.
Christmas Eve Service:  Mon, Dec 24th @ 5:00pm
Come on Christmas Eve for a special worship service of carol singing and a candle light celebration of the birth of our Savior. Bring your family, invite your friends & neighbors. Please note there will be no childcare provided.
Zion Karen Christmas Play:  Sat, Dec 29th @ 3:00pm
You are invited to attend a presentation of the Christmas story at HillSong as told by our friends in the Zion Karen Baptist Church
New Year's Eve Lock-In:  Mon, Dec 31st @ 9:30pm
All youth are invited to bring in the New Year at HillSong. The fun will start at 9:30pm and last until ??? If you are interested in joining us, contact Angel  or 984.329.5998.
Church Wide Emphasis: Living in God's Light
Earth from space
HillSong Church will begin the new year by studying what it means to step into the light of Christ. At Christmas, we sing, "Silent Night, Holy Night, Son of God, Love's Pure Light ." When we claim that Jesus is 'love's pure light," what exactly are we saying? How are our lives different because we live in the light of Christ? We will begin 2019 examining what life is like when we live it in God's light. For the first five Sundays of the new year (Jan 6, 13, 20, 27 & Feb 3), the sermons will focus on these questions. All Sunday morning adult and youth small groups will look at these questions using study guides Pastor Rob has prepared. The year 2019 is going to be wonderful at HillSong as we join our hearts together to serve God and draw people outside the church into the salvation we have in Christ

Helping Hand Offering will be taken this Sunday, December 9th
Hospitality Help Needed
Volunteers for setting up the beverages and refreshments on the first Sunday of the month are needed. Contact Faye Hilger if you can help.
Alarm System Change
Please note that a recent alarm system repair has resulted in a change in the procedure for disarming and engaging the church security alarm. For those who possess a church key, please see Dina in the church office as soon as possible to learn the updated procedure so that you do not accidentally set off the security system.
Inclement Weather Reminder
snowcovered car
In the event of bad weather, church activities may be cancelled. If cancelling is necessary, we will contact WRAL TV5 and SCHL 97.9/1360AM radio to be included in their list of closings. We will also attempt to post the closing on Facebook and via a churchwide email.
Prepare for Christmas
For the season of Advent, we will be using the song Prepare Him Room by Sovereign Grace Music during each Sunday service. Learn the words and listen to the tune at this website. As you meditate on the song, let it help you get ready for the King of Glory to enter in.
Prepare Him room
Prepare Him room
Let the King of glory enter in
October Numbers
October 2018 Financial Snapshot
For more detail on the amounts in the Financial Snapshot, see the October 2018 Financial Statement. Copies are available at the back of the Worship Center on the Information Table.
Belief in Quarks, Belief in Christ - from Pastor Rob
        Quarks. They are subatomic particles, so small, they have never been seen. Theoretical predictions based on their existence have been confirmed experimentally. The late John Polkinghorne was a mathematician when quarks were discovered. Mid-career, feeling the call of God, he switched careers, attending seminary to become an Anglican priest. In his book Living with Hope , a collection of Advent devotions, during the second week of Advent, he briefly describes the discovery of  these theoretical realities, quarks.
        We cannot see them. We only believe they exist. Belief is the stuff of faith. Science deals with measurable evidence. Polkinghorne wonders whether real scientists should take quarks seriously. Then, the scientist-pastor answers his own question writing, "We believe in quarks not because we have seen them sitting on their own but because that belief make sense of so much experience that we can observe directly" (italics mine). He has faith in the methods of observation that leads scientists to accept un-seeable quarks as real things.