May 2019
May Birthdays
Hazel Keck (5/4)
Audrey Sander (5/7)
Erich Suehs (5/28)
Debra Eatman (5/6)
Candy Tennant (5/21) Leonard Cheek (5/30)
CH Cooperative Preschool Is Moving In!
Beginning June 15th until their permanent facility is completed around March 2020, Chapel Hill Cooperative Preschool will be occupying part of our facilities. The preschool will be at HillSong Monday through Friday, from 7:30am to 6pm. While we welcome this partnership and the help it brings to our budget issues, there is much preparation to be done. Changes, repairs, and clean-up need to be finished by the end of May. This will affect all of our children's classrooms, playground, as well as a few other spaces. Many helping hands are needed, both skilled and unskilled. Please contact Dina if you are willing and able to volunteer.
Opportunities for Ministry
Gravel Path Construction: May 18 & May 25
men at work sign
Two Saturday morning workdays are scheduled for the construction of a gravel path on the side of the playground: May 18 & May 25. Work will begin at 8am. This is to prepare for the Preschool that is coming in June. Tasks include: digging, wheelbarrowing, bush-whacking, and shoveling. Contact Dina or David Seng for more information.
Children's Classroom Clean-up
All children's classrooms (rooms 101, 103, 105, 106 and 107) need to be thoroughly organized and purged. Much help is needed in this process. Come any weekday during the month of May, between 9:30am and 2pm, for any amount of time, and you will be put to work. Contact Dina for more information.
Upcoming Events
Church-wide Information Meeting: Wednesday, May 15th
We have recently gone through a difficult time in our church. Many changes are ahead and we face many challenges. If you want to know more about the state of our church and what is the plan going forward, come to the meeting on Wednesday, May 15th, following the 'First Wednesday' meal and hear from our leaders. All who plan to be a part of the future of HillSong should participate. We hope to see you there.
Elder Election: Sunday, May 19th
humorous cartoon
On May 19th, after the close of the worship service, we will have a brief business meeting during which we will elect four new Elders. The candidates are: Diane Asbill , Laura Booth , Starlyn Combs and James Hollingsworth . If elected, these candidates will begin serving in June. Faye Hilger and Tabitha Storm are rotating off the board. Please thank them for their years of service.

Youth Ministry Events
Contact  Angel  (984-329-5998)  to register your interest in any of the following events:
  • May 18th - Celebrate the end of school at Frankie's Fun Park. Meet at church at 11:15am. Cost is $32 per person.
  • May 19th - Deadline to sign-up for Summer Mission trip to Greenville SC, July 1 to 6. If possible, include $200 per student.
  • June 2nd - Youth Bake Sale. We would welcome any donations of baked goods. Please bring goods to church by 9am that Sunday morning. Proceeds to go towards mission trip.
March Numbers
March 2019 Financial
For more detail on the amounts in the Financial Snapshot, see the March 2019 Financial Statement. Copies are available at the back of the Worship Center on the Information Table.
Should We Go To Church - from Pastor Rob
It's Sunday morning. What should we do today? Go to church? No, not this week. We can go next month when they have the potluck. Today, let's sleep in and then take a morning walk. We can hit the IHOP around 10:00, take our time, and then go to the small-town art festival before the crowd gets too big.
It's Sunday morning, and ohhh, I am hung over. My life is falling apart. A DUI and now a likely divorce. O God, what will I do? God! Why would God listen to me, if there is a God? I haven't given God a second thought in years. Now I want to cry out to God? What a crock! Do I even know how to pray? What would they do if I showed at that church on the corner? Would they kick me out? Everyone else has. Why not try it? What do I have to lose?
OK, Sunday morning! Get the kids up and start getting ready. We don't want to be late for Sunday School a third Sunday in a row! Can we stay home today? Not on your life. As long you live in this house, you will go to Sunday School, to worship, and you will sing the songs and listen to the sermon. God is important and we won't learn anything about him or grow closer to him staying home.
        Which one most closely resembles how your Sundays go? I know, I know, you can think of an option that's not even remotely close to the ones I cited above. You can think of 10 options not like the ones above. Fine. What are your Sundays like? Is church a major part of your Sundays, and if it is, why is it? Is church important because you want to see friends? Does it make you feel good? Is worshiping God a crucial part of your life?