May 2023
Follow Jesus, Love Others, Share Hope
"Pursue Joy" From Pastor Rob
      In the novel Don’t Cry for Me, Isaac’s dying father, Jacob, writes to his son. In telling his life story, Jacob remembers when his grandmother died. His grandfather, somber and seemingly angry, did not shed a tear at the funeral. He did, however, dourly warn the gathered mourners that judgment was coming, and they’d best be ready. A hard life rendered the man dour, somber, and very angry. I don’t blame the character, though I want to jump into the story and tell him that faith in the Lord Jesus is more than soberly preparing for judgment.
Paul writes, “The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness” (Galatians 5:22). Joy! ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ refers to what God produces in the life of someone full of God’s Spirit. We don’t work on being loving or joyful so much as we get to know God better. We work on aligning our lives with God’s ways and God’s purposes. READ MORE
Elder Election - IN-PERSON on Sunday, May 21st
Nominations for Elder are now closed. Nominees are being contacted and presently, we have one candidate, Alan Stiles. The other candidate will be announced as soon as possible. The election will be held IN PERSON following the worship service on Sunday, May 21st. Please plan to attend. We will be electing two (2) people to serve as Elder for the 3 year term beginning June 1st.

Thank you to Bob Eatman, Betty Thompson and Ann Delaney who are rotating off. Please prayerfully consider who God is calling to these important leadership positions for our church.
Next Food Distributions - May 6 & 20 from 11am to 12pm
Cars at food distribution
Our next Food Distributions will be May 6 & 20 at our usual time from 11am to 12pm.

  • Volunteer for one or more of the drive-through food distributions. Many opportunities are available.
  • Donate groceries, we are collecting dry and canned goods. Go to the church website for a more detailed list. Please check the ’sell by’ dates when donating. There is a collection shed outside the church entryway where you can leave your donations.
To volunteer, please use our online Community Sign Up Genius Form. If you have any questions, please contact Candy or Diane.
March Numbers
March 2023 financial snapshot
More detail on the amounts in the Financial Snapshot are in the March 2023 Financial Statement. Hard copies are on the back table in the Worship Center.
tithes & offerings
Your tithes and offerings can be dropped off, mailed, or given electronically. Use the button below or go to our website.