August 2021
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"Provoke" by Pastor Rob
Stick poking teddy bear
      I pray you will be provoked. Wait! What? That’s right, I pray you be provoked! Doesn’t provocation lead to conflict? Maybe. Stay with me here.
          A few weeks ago, a friend strongly recommended I spend significant time in the New Testament book of Jude. Jude only has 25 verses in total. Because I greatly respect the friend who recommended Jude and because it is so short, I decided to go through Jude praying each verse, phrase-by-phrase, in the manner of Lectio Divina. I read a phrase out loud, take several deep breaths, read it again, and then read it one more time. I let the sound of the words settle on me. Then, I write in my journal what I hear. It took me a week just to get through Jude 1:3, but that’s the whole point. I am taking my time; and being provoked.
Upcoming Food Distributions - August 7 & 21
Our Food Pantry will be open August 7 & 21 - from 11am to 12pm.

  • Volunteering one or more Saturdays a month for the drive through food distributions. Bagging begins at 9am and distribution prep begins at 10:30am. Sign up HERE. Click on 'register' and scroll down to select Chapel Hill Pantry events.
  • Donating groceries - we are collecting dry and canned goods, food items, fresh produce, bread and meat (see most needed items here. Drop off at the collection box outside the church entryway
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