May 2020 Issue
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America’s Approach to COVID-19 and the Role of the World Health Organization

We Are Staying Connected On Issues That Matter : UNA-USA
The Global Engagement Online Series (“GEOS”) is a virtual alternative to our 2020 Global Engagement Summit which will keep you inspired, informed, and connected to the UN this year. We will bring you to the center of global problem solving, using technology and online meetings to ensure we are doing our part to mitigate public health risks. You can count on the GEOS series to bring you unique discussions with global issues experts — all while we practice safe social-distancing.

The Global Engagement Online Series will provide a forum for us to celebrate and acknowledge the UN’s 75th anniversary and hear expert perspectives as we engage our communities in the UN75 campaign to shape a brighter future. For more than 75 years, UNA-USA has never passed up an opportunity to advocate for change in the face of challenge. We hope to see you online!
Monthly Recap : Earth Day
Earth Day Event Recording
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2020
"No Waste, No Wars, No Warming"
The discussion was packed with insights from our scholars about the pressing issue of climate change and what it means to take action against it. Learn more about how you can do your bit and what people are doing globally.