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Last month we had our 4th Annual "Reboot Week."
As usual, we kicked it off with an Employee Appreciation lunch and team building games. The management team then spent the entire week in the office discussing all aspects of the business and how we can improve on our internal processes and the services we offer our clients. It's always very productive mixed with a little fun riding to lunch in a VW Bus. See this Issue's Car Guy Corner for more. :)

To learn more about our Reboot Week, you can listen to Dave's podcast
with The Tim Faller Show hosted by  Remodelers Advantage Inc.

Why do people build ADUs?  ADUs have many benefits for homeowners in California faced with common challenges like affordability of housing, safety, comfort, privacy, and independent living. 

Affordable Housing
ADU costs vary widely by project scope, quality, permits, and fees. However, in many cases, the total cost of a designed, permitted, and completed ADU costs a quarter of a single family home in California's Silicon Valley.

Safety and Accessibility
Health and safety are a major consideration for homeowners with family members that require home care. ADUs help homeowners comfortably manage aging parents or family members with disabilities or other health requirements.
Having an accessory home gives both parties access to each other, while providing a tremendous amount of autonomy, which can greatly improve the quality of life for entire families and eliminate the enormous costs of care facilities or home care assistance.

Privacy and Comfort
Cramped households are common in growing or multigenerational families, especially in California. ADUs help homeowners create much more comfortable and private living space.
Providing additional independent living space gives homeowners a solution for reducing social tension, minimizing clutter, and taking away the inconvenience of shared bathrooms, crowded kitchens, and communal sleeping arrangements, all without disrupting the connectivity of a family.

Starter Homes for Young Families
California is expensive. That's no secret. Young couples and families looking to purchase a home have few options. Families with ADUs offer their kids and their families a way to establish independence and save for a future home purchase, while enjoying the connectivity of being close to home.

Long-Term Investment
Every homeowner wants to maximize the value of their home for future sale or for future generations. ADUs make use of underutilized property to create not only a secondary dwelling, but also a potential passive income property.
Many ADU owners find themselves downsizing into the ADU and either sharing the main home with their own family or renting it out when they've decided to retire.
The benefits and use cases for an ADU are extensive. But there's one theme that links it all together-housing plans, or family integrity planning. This is the process of creating a long-term investment for homeowners who are looking to create the most value, both financially and in lifestyle enjoyment.

If you're considering an ADU, the permit process can be pretty quick and painless!  Provided in the link below you'll find more about ADU Tuesday's, a new Express Review service that just started in August 2019.  


Here are some of the latest reviews we've received through Yelp and  GuildQuality  within the past quarter. 

Review by Dave L. (July 2019)
"We love our new bathroom! It turned out exactly as we had hoped and planned, and we wouldn't change a thing......." Read more

Review by Merwin F. (June 2019)
"...The whole house remodel was completed sooner than the projected timeline and within my budget. I am in the residential rental housing business for over 30 years. As such, I am knowledgeable in the remodel and repair aspects of rental housing. Based on these experiences, I can say that Domenichini Construction have my highest recommendation. .... Read more

Review by Micaela S. (September 2019)
"They were very professional, timely, and did a great job." Read more


"Filbert" is the perfect vehicle for driving around a group for a day of wine tasting...or even for an employee lunch. 
This was our second year with the DRD management team piling in for it's annual Reboot Week outing.  There's just something about riding in a VW Bus that brings back old childhood memories of family road trips. :)  

DRD Management Team heading to lunch 
in Filbert  during Reboot Week  


Before & After Video

A little bit for everyone here - kitchens, bathrooms and an outdoor kitchen! Check out this quick before and after slideshow!



Who doesn't love a good episode and outtakes of This Old House? 

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