New Opportunity
Phenylketonuria ( PKU ) is an inborn error of metabolism that results in decreased metabolism of the amino acid phenylalanine. Untreated,  PKU  can lead to intellectual disability, seizures, behavioral problems, and mental disorders.

With the changes happening for the orphanages, one of the orphanages most in need of help (3-4 kids per bed) were told by their Civil Affairs Department that they COULD NOT accept help from outside organizations- even local NGO’s.

We really wanted to help them during this very difficult time but every proposal was turned down. The middle of June we presented another proposal to help their children with PKU. This can be a very debilitating disease if not treated properly. The end of June we received the news that YES, we could help 4 of their younger children with PKU. We are excited that getting the children the proper care and on the correct diet will change the course of their life.
We will provide all the formula and special rice and flour needed for their special diets. We will also train their staff on the special diet they need and will facilitate weekly blood tests to measure the levels of phenylalanine in their blood.
In Orphanage Projects
Little Deer Project
  It took a couple of months to get the program up and running, but things are off to a good start now. The staff have reached the first level of training and will continue to work on their advanced training certificates.
The children recently were able to go on a field trip. It was so exciting to see their joy in seeing and learning new things. And for a number of the children it was their first time to experience going outside the orphanage.

Savannah Project
Continues to run well. This project is more established and many of the staff have already reached the advanced level of training.
The children continue to improve. Most exciting of all is to see the changes that Austyn has made. He is becoming more interactive and the best news of all is he no longer throws every toy he plays with.
Casting for Braces

Our PT, Zoey was able to take a specialist from the Physical Therapy Hospital in Beijing to visit our two projects. While they were there they cast 20 children in need of braces.

Later this month after the braces are finished they will travel to the projects to fit all the braces for the children.

It's Official
It’s official! After working through a local partner for the last two years, we received our NGO license from the Vietnamese government in April. This is a big step for our program in Vietnam and gives us a strong foundation to build on into the future.


In Vietnam, as we have always done in China, we want to provide the very best medical care possible for the children we accept into our program. We are very excited about the strong medical partnerships we have developed with local doctors and hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. These professionals of course contribute much to the success of our program. So, we are always glad whenever we have opportunity to bring some benefit back to them!

This month, Cheryl Brenneman and Susan Jordan travelled to Vietnam to give presentations at 3 different locations about best practices in ICU nursing care from a large children’s hospital in the states and an overview of the legal environment facing doctors and hospitals in the USA. These sessions were well received, new friendships were formed, and promises were made for return visits!

Visiting Families
Before a child is accepted into our program we visit them at their home to verify the need. During those visits we often have the opportunity to visit children who have already had surgery to see how they are doing.