University Procurement Services News & Updates

March 2022
RU Marketplace Updates
Important Bottled Water Update
Rutgers University’s contract with DS Services (Crystal Springs) has expired and cannot be renewed.

All current DS Service accounts will need to be canceled and equipment returned by March 31, 2022

Water services will transition to two new providers: ReadyRefresh (BlueTriton Brands) and WB Mason. 

Webinars have been scheduled for Thursday, March 3, 2022, and Tuesday, March 8, 2022, and invitations have been sent to all Business Managers with water accounts.

New Business Process for Water Accounts
University Procurement Services will transition all water supply transactions to PCards (Purchasing Credit Card). 

The use of purchase orders for water accounts is inefficient and operationally not sustainable.

All water service providers (suppliers) will be removed from RU MarketPlace (target date March 31, 2022).

Departments who do not have a PCard can contact Card Services who can assist you in obtaining a PCard to use for these purchases. 
Old RU Marketplace Form Versions No Longer Accepted

Forms in RU Marketplace have been updated. If you attached an older version of the form it will be automatically rejected during the workflow process. 

Refer to the sidebar for RU Marketplace messaging. ("Inactive Form Version Return").

Note: This applies when you are copying an old requisition.

Updated forms are available in RU Marketplace. Choose the form, complete and submit.
Software Purchase Reminder
Any individual requesting the purchase of software for installation on a Rutgers Desktop or Laptop should have the purchase reviewed by your department/school IT group. Software is to be purchased through the Service Request Form in RU Marketplace. 

If there is an urgency or justification for using a Pcard, it must be approved by Procurement through Card Services

Individuals should not purchase software on a personal credit card and expense. All software purchases on expense reports are flagged for review by UPS Expense Audit Group and will be sent to the departments/school IT lead for review before expense can be authorized for reimbursement.
Please check the Universities Software Portal to see if we have a University License for the application in need or a similar product.
For further questions please reach out to Susan Ryan

Friendly Reminder: Faculty/staff RBHS and Rutgers–Newark purchases must be made via RUWare.
Policy Reminder
Contracts & Agreements
  1. All contracts are reviewed and executed by UPS unless obtained via the appropriate signatory authority, according to the Office of General Counsel’s Signatory Authority policy (50.3.13).
  2. Purchase through appropriate universitywide contracts to take advantage of negotiated terms and conditions.
  3. Existing auto-renewal contracts and contracts without expiration dates will be reviewed with due diligence by UPS.

Please note:
  • When a supplier proposes a contract for a potential purchase, the unsigned contract should be attached to the requisition along with any other documentation that is pertinent to the potential purchase.
  • Departments should also provide the appropriate supplier contact information we will need to work with to negotiate and finalize the contract.
  • Plan for sufficient time for contract reviews to be conducted. Depending on the complexity of the contract and other factors, the review and negotiation process may take time.

Visit the Contract Process page on our website for more information.
Strategic Sourcing
Ordering Safety Supplies Through IP&O Essential Supplies Catalog
This is a friendly reminder that Rutgers has on campus supply that must be depleted before purchasing through a supplier catalog. As a result, these items are intentionally removed from supplier catalogs to help guide purchases to our on campus inventory.

These items include the following and are available for immediate access via the RU Marketplace IP&O Essential Supplies catalog.

  • Nitrile gloves: small, medium, large and Xlarge
  • Disposable isolation gowns
  • Dust masks
  • 3 ply ear-loop surgical masks
  • Face shields
  • Wet surface wipes, clinical use approved
  • 8 ounce hand sanitizer bottles

Friendly Reminder: When placing orders, please make sure to use account number 74108 in the accounting string.
Consolidus Friendly Reminder
As Rutgers Day and Graduation events are fast-approaching, considering the volatility and uncertainty in global supply chains, we recommend placing your order(s) for branded items as soon as you have budget, art, and numbers available. Particularly for items like stoles, lapel pins, awards/certificate holders, and other items with lengthier production times. 

Reach out to to get information on timelines for specific items and as always, to get help with projects or answer questions about placing your swag orders. 
Place Medline Purchases Through Labviva Punchout
Effective Friday, March 4, 2022, the standalone Medline catalog in RU Marketplace will be deactivated. All Medline purchases going forward must be made through the Medline catalog in the Labviva punchout in RU Marketplace.

Medline, Rutgers University contracted supplier offers a full-range of medical/surgical products, equipment, and apparel for university-wide use. 
If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our dedicated account manager Adam Siljanoski.

Friendly reminder: Within the Labviva portal, you will find an additional 30 supplier catalogs, all totaling over 2.5M SKUs covering research, lab and healthcare supply and equipment needs. 
Happy Retirement!
Kathryn Kuhnert
Campus Liaison
We wish our colleague Kathryn Kuhnert a Happy Retirement! Thank you for your 30+years of dedicated service!