University Procurement Services News & Updates

July 2021
RU Marketplace Updates

Deliveries to a Non-Rutgers Address
As Rutgers staff and faculty continue to work remotely, Procurement Services will continue to allow delivery of shipments from some punch-out suppliers to non-Rutgers (staff's home) addresses through the Fall.

Please be mindful of the following:
  • Use of university funds must be directly related to university business and in the best interests of the university. Please follow the discretionary spending guidance and resources to determine which goods are necessary, appropriate, and reasonable expenditures that advance the university's mission.
  • Property is to be returned to the department once regular business operations resume.
  • Shipping to a non-US address is not allowed.
  • University Procurement Services will review all requisitions with a non-Rutgers ship-to address and reject or return any requisition that was not formally acknowledged and accepted by a designated department approver. The requisitioner may re-evaluate the need, and/or the ship-to address, and resubmit the requisition as necessary.

New Purchase Order Number Convention
On July 1, 2021, a new purchase order number convention was put in effect to prevent duplicate POs in the systems. 

Purchase orders generated after July 1, 2021 will begin with the new number sequence “25”. Purchase orders generated before that date are not affected, and do not require action from departments or suppliers.

Change to "Payment Information" Section on Invoices
On July 7, 2021, a change was made to the "Payment Information" section on the invoices in RU Marketplace. Any new Invoice/Credit Memo created after July 7, 2021 will have "Payment Date" instead of "Accounting Date".

  • The "Payment Date" is the date the payment was cut/released, not the date the invoice was processed.
  • If the invoice existed in the system prior to when the changes were made, even if the pay status was "In Process", they will have the "Accounting Date" and not "Payment Date".
We have also updated the wording of "Check Number" to "Payment Number". This change was necessary as we do not solely work with checks, and have branched into more payment types. Since this is a name change of an existing field for Invoices/Credits, the new wording for "Payment Number" will appear on both old and new invoices.
Old Payment Information
New Payment Information
Accounts Payable
Change to Payment Processing Dates
Effective August 1, 2021, the payment processing schedule will change to every Tuesday and Thursday.
Policy Reminder
Signature Authority
All contracts, agreements, quotes, etc, including non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) which require university signature should be forwarded unsigned to University Procurement Services so the procurement staff can review and negotiate, where necessary, to ensure supplier terms and conditions are in accordance with University Procurement Terms and Conditions and policies. All such documents need to be attached to a Service Request form in RU Marketplace.

Please also familiarize yourself with the guidelines set forth in the Office of General Counsel Authorized Signatory Matrix which can be found here, and which details who can sign on behalf of the university. 

Requisitions with documents signed by non-authorized signatories will result in processing delays and/or possible rejection.
Procurement Tips & Tricks
Closing Purchase Orders for Deactivated Suppliers
When a supplier has been deactivated in Marketplace and an open PO exists, take the following steps to close the PO:
1. Go to Forms in RU Marketplace and find: Change Order PO Close/Cancel
2. Use any active supplier name and the actual PO number to close
3. Under notes write, “this supplier is no longer active, please close the PO”
4. Remember to use a valid gl accounting string to “carry” the form through the system
Help Desk
Coming Soon...ServiceNow Ticketing System
University Procurement Services (UPS) has begun the process of transitioning from the HDRT ticketing system to ServiceNow, the university’s platform of choice for service management.

We ask that all requests and questions regarding purchasing, accounts payable, travel and expense, suppliers, and other UPS matters, be submitted via the new Help Desk Web Form. Please do not send requests to the email address.
The new process will generate a ticket in the ServiceNow platform and our support team will triage the request to the appropriate contact in UPS.

During this time, suppliers, Rutgers faculty, staff, and students who email the Help Desk for assistance may receive auto-response emails from a new source – "Rutgers IT Help <>".

We look forward to the improvements that ServiceNow will bring, as they will enhance our service delivery capabilities to the university community.

We appreciate your patience as we transition from the HDRT ticketing system to the ServiceNow platform. More guidance will be forthcoming.
Diversity & Inclusion
Supplier Diversity Program in Development
University Procurement Services is in the process of developing a universitywide Supplier Diversity Program that aligns with the university’s mission and values of inclusion, equity and justice. Through the program we look to create a more diverse and inclusive supplier base, and provide increased access and opportunity to local and underrepresented diverse businesses.

Key program activities to date include developing the program framework and roadmap, establishing an advisory group, and launching an RU disparity study.

We look forward to sharing more information as we develop the program.
Strategic Sourcing
Announcing..New American Sign Language and Captioning in Real-Time Contract
University Procurement Services, in partnership with RU Access and Disability Resources (RADR), is excited to announce a new universitywide contract for American Sign Language (ASL) and Captioning in Real-Time (CART) services.

The following seven (7) suppliers have been awarded contracts and are available to meet your ASL/CART service needs effective July 1, 2021.