University Procurement Services News & Updates

March 2021
Discretionary Spending / Cost-Saving Tips
Cost Savings Tips
When Placing An Order...
Order “just-in-time” and get an accurate count before placing an order to avoid waste and excess inventory. Excess inventory could lead to greater storage costs and fees for returns.
Travel and Expense
•Use available communication means in lieu of meetings and conferences
•Be mindful of all expenses before incurring them during travel and normal course of business
Visit our website for more information on Discretionary Spending.
Travel & Expense
Amazon Purchases Not Reimbursable On Expense Reports
Please be reminded all Amazon orders are required to be placed via the Amazon punchout.

Personal reimbursements for purchases made with a personal credit card from Amazon are not reimbursable on expense reports. Reimbursement requests for these purchases are subject to review and audit, and some cases may result in non-reimbursement.
Strategic Sourcing
Dupli and Office Depot - Expansion of Services
Announcing… an expansion of services with Dupli and Office Depot. The university’s preferred providers for stationery and office supplies have now expanded their line of offerings to include print services.
Strategic Sourcing is rolling out the Print Services Program (PSP) to the university community and as a preferred partners, Dupli and Office Depot have expanded their punchout catalogs to include a full range of customized print services such as color printing, brochures, newsletters, etc. An exciting benefit of this partnership is easy access to print services via Marketplace. Stay tuned for upcoming webinars from both Dupli and Office Depot showcasing their catalogs.

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New IT Risk, Policy, and Compliance Website
The Office of Information Technology has launched a new online resource designed to help the Rutgers community protect itself from cyberthreats and enhance the university’s digital security. 
The IT Risk, Policy, and Compliance website provides easy-to-access information on security programs and services, which include IT policy development, risk management, compliance program strategy, and security awareness and training services. 
These new webpages replace much of the RUSecure website. The RUSecure website has been decommissioned, with redirects to the appropriate resources at the IT Risk, Policy, and Compliance website or elsewhere. For a variety of security-related resources at Rutgers, please view the Rutgers IT website’s Security landing page