University Procurement Services News & Updates

February 2021
Discretionary Spending / Cost-Saving Tips
Cost Savings Tips
Late and Cancellation Fees
• Approve invoices timely so suppliers can be paid by the due date (avoid late fees)
• Make timely purchases to reduce return/cancellation charges
Conserve energy (electricity, water, gas, oil)
•Turn off equipment when not in use
•Consume the right amount to minimize excessive usage
Visit our website for more information on Discretionary Spending.
How RU Saving?
We would like to hear more about the cost control measures in place across the university. If you have a story you would like to share, please send to
New Supplier Invitation Intermediate Page
To support the discretionary spending approach, University Procurement Services continues to provide guidance on ways to bend the spend curve and support our sourcing strategies. To expand on the thought process before inviting supplier to Rutgers, new supplier invitation guidance is now available through the supplier portal tile in myRutgers.
RU Marketplace Updates
New Fraud Mitigation Process for Wire Transfers
Due to the increasing prevalence of wire payment fraud, University Treasury has instituted the industry best practice of requiring that bank account information for all wire transfers is verified with suppliers before processing transactions.

Each unit that submits a wire transfer request will be required to perform the appropriate due diligence to confirm that the supplier’s bank account information submitted is accurate and legitimate, and to attest to this upon submission of the request for payment. As this attestation is a mandatory check box, the system cannot process the wire form if this is not completed. Failure to select the mandatory check box will result in a failed requisition.

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Procurement Tips & Tricks
Purchase Orders and Commitments
The terms “commitment” and “encumbrance” are used interchangeably for a purchase order (PO) to earmark funds for a specified purpose. When reviewing a report in the financial management system, the Budget-Actuals-Commitments is the available balance. An open PO is a commitment and will lessen the available funds on a project string or general ledger string. Committed funds are not available for use for other purposes because they are set aside for payment of goods or services already ordered. Please go to the Discretionary Spend webpage for full details.
If you have an open purchase order that has a remaining balance that you no longer need, please initiate a PO Line Close/Cancel request form in RU Marketplace to close the purchase order AFTER the purchase order has been fully invoiced of all items ordered.
For more guidance on how to close a purchase order, please see the How to Process a Change Order Close Cancel Form job aid.
Strategic Sourcing

Who...or what is Strategic Sourcing?
Who . . . or what is Strategic Sourcing? Strategic Sourcing is an organization within Rutgers University Procurement Services. We are about one year young and are comprised of 10 individuals who have 1 to 30 years of service w/ Rutgers, including a part-time student worker. Our goal is to strategically source goods and services on behalf of the Rutgers community. Our scope includes all University business areas, and all goods or services typically valued at >$150K.

Recent accomplishments you may be familiar with include securing required IT software and devices during the crisis mode of the pandemic (i.e. Zoom), securing essential supplies for the university frontline workers (i.e. gloves, gowns, masks, hand sanitizer), and the integration of our Rutgers SWAG portal into the RU Marketplace. We were able to leverage existing supplier relationships to secure these pandemic goods and services, where suppliers put Rutgers at the forefront of their account allocations and deliveries. Not all sourcing is only about the cost. We also consider regulatory requirements, assurance of supply, quality, service and innovation. Using a consistent sourcing methodology allows us to create a competitive marketplace to generate overall total value to the university, and build these terms into our supplier contracts for sustained success.

Please stay tuned for more information from our team and check back periodically to the Procurement website and RU Marketplace splash page for additional information.

Print Services Program (PSP) Rollout
University Procurement Services is excited to announce a new Print Services Program (PSP).

The benefits of the program include easy access to supplier contracts to provide digital and offset printing services to meet the University’s needs.

The 11 preferred suppliers listed below have Master Services Agreements in place and are ready to fulfill orders for a wide range of printing services including brochures, newsletters, posters, etc.
To learn more about this program mark your calendars to participate in one of our upcoming overview sessions (March 10, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. or March 17, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.).

Login information for the webinars will be posted on the Procurement website.
Office Depot - New Extension of Products & Services
Announcing… a renegotiated university-wide agreement with Office Depot. Office Depot is the university’s preferred provider of office supplies. 
In a continuing effort to manage and mitigate against the financial impact of Covid-19, UPS has been working with Office Depot to refresh the University’s contract to save money and reduce costs. Our primary effort remains to ensure that the quality of goods and services delivered by Office Depot meets university need.

New Benefits:
Strategic Sourcing recently refreshed the previous contract with Office Depot to provide Rutgers with additional benefits and value. The new product line will now include furniture, printing services and expansion of existing supply catalog with additional discounts.
Office Supplies:
  • Cost savings $250k+ annually University wide
  • Increased selection of Branded Furniture such as HON, Kimball, Safco
  • Expansion of catalog to include wider variety of low cost Office Depot product choices

Full Print Services:
  • Easy access to print services via Marketplace
  • Catalog includes specialized and customized print
Benefits already built in:
  • Punchout catalog – ease of access to 30,000 assorted supplies
  • Discount pricing on frequently ordered 700+ core items
  • No delivery fees or minimum order size
  • Automatic delivery setup on Product Subscription Services
  • Dedicated Account Management and Sales Support Team
  • Low ink and toner prices automatically refreshed in the catalog via HP Discount Program
  • Easy mail-in cartridge and ink disposable recycling through My Business Recycles Program
  • Keurig brewer coffee models available for $1.00 on preset reordering of beverage/condiments via Build a Better Breakroom Program 

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New RU Website Policy
The Office of Information Technology and University Communications and Marketing have created the new Rutgers University Website policy.

The policy will govern all websites representing Rutgers and any of its entities that are used to conduct official university business or provide official university information to our constituents.
For more information, visit the University Communications and Marketing website.