University Procurement Services News & Updates

September/October 2020
RU Marketplace Updates
RU Marketplace Commodity Code Changes
Within the past few weeks, the commodity codes in RU Marketplace have undergone some changes. The new changes will provide a more accurate picture of University spending patterns for use in negotiating future contracts. This is a benefit to you, as better contracts mean better pricing from our suppliers, as well as improved service.

A complete listing of the new commodities codes, and which ones are acceptable on the appropriate RU Marketplace form (Quick Orders, Goods Requests, Service Requests and Check Requests) is available.
Please remember that choosing the correct (and valid) commodity code ensures that your unit is providing accurate information about its spending patterns. If you are unsure of which commodity code to select, please find the closest one to the type of purchase you are making.

Note: If copying a cart, please remember to update the commodity code field as some of the commodity codes that were active in the past, are now inactive.
Changes In Requisition Workflow
We began monitoring the goods and services purchased on quick order, goods, and service request forms more rigorously to ensure compliance with the University's Procurement and Payment policy.
Each RU Marketplace form is designed for specific types of purchases, and have different approval requirements. We put a set of business rules in the approval workflow to monitor whether the appropriate RU Marketplace form is being used for the goods and services being purchased. 

For example: A service-related purchase on a Quick Order form is against the University policy. This request will be routed to University Procurement Services. Procurement Services will review the requisition to ensure compliance with the University policies and procedures. If the transaction violates the Procurement and Payment Policy, the requisition will be sent back to the requisitioner, using either the Reject or Return option; otherwise, the purchase order will be processed accordingly. Please see the Return or Reject a Requisition job aid.
Please be mindful to select the proper commodity code for the purchase, and use the correct form for your submission.
Please note the policy reminders below:
  • Service purchases are not allowable on a Quick Order nor Goods request form.
  • Blanket orders are not allowable on a Quick Order.
  • Quick Orders are not to be used to circumvent the purchasing policy.
  • Certain items and services are not allowable on a Quick Order. See the list of restricted items.
As a reminder of the June 25 swag portal announcementRutgers-branded merchandise has been added to the restricted category list and all non-catalog requisitions will automatically be placed in a workflow that will route orders to Procurement Services for review. Procurement Services will return any requisitions that do not meet promotional merchandise procurement policy guidelines. Read more about the Rutgers Swag portal, powered by Consolidus, here.
Non-PO Transaction Matrix
UPS is pleased to announce the creation of a new Non PO Transaction Matrix. The matrix will outline requirements for check request and non-po uploads in one easy-to-search document. Both processes are used to pay certain types of expenses that do not require a formal purchase order or negotiation by Procurement.
New Catalogs
Laboratory Disposable Products (LDP) is now a Research and Scientific punch out supplier and is available for catalog shopping. LDP provides biomedical and scientific equipment, reagents, and laboratory supplies.
In our ongoing commitment to support supplier diversity and inclusion, we are pleased to share that LDP is a certified women-owned small business.
For non-catalog orders, please call LDP at (973) 335-2966 or email at to receive a quote number. You will then be able to log in to the catalog and search for your quote number for purchase.  For quotes that do not appear, please contact LDP so that they can publish the quote and provide assistance in the process.
Accounts Payable
Processing Payments For UPS and FedEx Invoices
With employees working from home, we understand the difficulty in processing payments for UPS and FedEx invoices that are mailed directly to your department. To assist you, we have come up with the following procedures.
UPS Invoices
(Non-CampusShip User Invoices)

Users that do not have a UPS CampusShip account should send an email to with their name and account number, requesting to have their invoices be sent directly to them.  The RU CampusShip Administrator will work with UPS to set the user up on the UPS Billing Center. The user will then be able to download invoices and process them for payment in RU MarketPlace as you would normally do. Departments with UPS CampusShip accounts will continue to have their invoices paid by the program setup through UPS CampusShip. If you are interested in setting up a CampusShip account for future shipments, please send an email to

FedEx Invoices

Users can sign up for FedEx Billing Online at From the FedEx website you can view and download your invoices and process payments in MarketPlace as you would normally do. You will need your FedEx account number to be able to use FedEx Billing. Below is the link for FedEx Billing.
Continuous Improvement
PaymentWorks Supplier Invitation Update
University Procurement Services has enhanced the PaymentWorks Supplier Invitation process. Additional information for new supplier invitation will now be required that will greatly improve our capabilities to better manage new supplier onboarding, contracts,and invoicing and payment setup.

Please see the How To Invite A Supplier job aid for further guidance.