University Procurement Services News & Updates

June 2020
Guidance for Ordering Supplies

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been some supplies that have had their supply chains compromised.

As the supply chains continue to normalize, we offer the following preferred ordering hierarchy and support system to obtain your supplies.

Resu me ordering supplies via the RU Marketplace
  1. Use the IP&O Warehouse Catalog, and the various supplier catalogs (i.e. VWR, Henry Schein, Grainger, Office Depot, etc.)
  2. Contact the supplier sales rep for assistance with item details, quotes, etc.
  3. Contact University Procurement Services should you require any further assistance to obtain the items. Procurement also has a listing of local and diverse suppliers if you would like to further support the University's commitment to local and diversity sourcing.

To facilitate the purchasing of COVID-19 related materials purchasing, IP&O stores is offering select materials on their catalog and shopping cart shortcut. Refer to the user guide.

Any purchasing queries should be directed to the Procurement Help Desk or Procurement Campus Liaison.
RU Marketplace Updates
Rutgers Branded Merchandise Added To Restricted Category List
As a follow up to the June 25 swag portal announcement , Rutgers-branded merchandise has been added to the restricted category list and all non-catalog requisitions will automatically be sent to a procurement buyer for review.
Consolidus, our primary licensed supplier that hosts the new swag portal, is contracted with the university and has a published RU Marketplace punch-out catalog that offers discounted pricing, free standard shipping, excellent customer service, and design support to the Rutgers community. All punch-out catalog orders will not be sent a to a procurement buyer for review. We encourage requisitioners to leverage the pre-negotiated catalogs for all Rutgers-branded merchandise. 

Consolidus will be enhanced by a select few local and specialty suppliers offering unique (‘niche’) capabilities (specialty items) critical to Rutgers’ commitment to local sourcing and diversity goals. Branded Merchandise Artwork Review form  must be completed prior to placing orders with these suppliers. Similar to the old process, the Statement of of Work (SOW) form will need to be completed and submitted with an RU Marketplace Service Request form as an external attachment.