Volume 01 | February 2019
Product Application Spotlight
Real World applications for Wayside Detection, AEI and railroad control functions
This month's issue will focus on applications for the versatile iCube.
The iCube is a very economical way to monitor and control wayside equipment. It can operate virtually anywhere since it has a low current draw and runs directly off of DC power. Integrated radio, internal DTMF decoder, and built-in network capabilities are standard features of the iCube.
Radio Controlled Crossing Activation
Using the iCube to activate a grade crossing from the cab of a locomotive is an economical way to solve a common problem. Whether rust build-up on the rails inhibits track circuit reliability, or if the crossing is not used enough to justify automated crossing equipment, the iCube can provide a cost-effective solution.

Radio Controlled Switch
The iCube can serve as a remote switch control unit for small switching applications. Timed safety lockouts can be programmed when a switch position is selected. This application allows the crew to save valuable time by not having to throw switches manually.

Remote Weather Station
Monitor Wayside Conditions
The iCube can be used to report dangerous remote weather conditions such as high wind and extreme ambient temperatures.
The information can be reported over the iCube's network port to a central dispatch. Critical alarms could also be reported over the radio to approaching trains if desired.

Any wayside sensing device with a dry-contact output can be easily interfaced to the iCube. The continuous scan mode monitors for an alarm condition and then makes a repeating radio announcement to all trains in range, warning of a dangerous condition. Example alarms include:
·        High Water
·        Slide Fence
·        Fire
·        Power Off

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