Camp Fire – Those of us that live anywhere in Northern California are breathing smoke on a daily basis and it serves as a constant reminder of the devastation caused by the Camp Fire that wiped out Paradise and some other small towns and still is burning. Not surprisingly, Soroptimists have risen to the occasion to help our fellow members that have been displaced as well as other victims. I cannot thank the two Chico clubs enough for their swift action and continued support. I cannot imagine how stressful this is for everyone involved. Not only is the smoke intensified there, but there are thousands more people in town with shelters and camps for evacuees everywhere. SI Chico and SI Bidwell Rancho: Thank you for what you are doing. It must feel overwhelming! We support you as well as the victims, as your kindness and compassion speaks for us all. Thank you!! ---As of this writing, we have raised over $10,000! Our members’ generosity is amazing! Please see the update below from District 1 Director Lisa Fitzgerald. To donate directly to our two Chico clubs for fire relief, please go to .  The link is on the top of the home page. (I understand that if you donate and then share the link, it will be broken, as has happened to us a few times.)

Take One Step – The November Soroptimist Summary is out from SIA.  Click Here to read the whole thing. I particularly want to draw your attention to the article on the first page called “Take One Step”. You might have heard that my goal for the region is to have a stronger identity by focusing and ‘working as one’ to help women and girls. I would like us to use our “Dream” programs as the centerpiece of our work for women and girls, as these programs seek to empower women and girls through education.  Narrowing our focus may be a challenge for many clubs, but this article encourages us to take one small step, perhaps giving out an additional Live Your Dream Award this club year. Or maybe you can follow up with past awardees and see if you can further help them on their journey.

Membership Survey – Thank you to all of you that participated in the recent Membership Survey. Please see the article below from Membership Chair, Trudy Mills regarding the results!!

Soroptimist International Convention – If you are considering attending SI Convention in Kuala Lumpur next July 19-21, today is the last day to register for ‘early bird’ pricing.  Compared to SI Convention in Japan last summer, this is a ‘deal’ for approx. $476 (becomes approx. $548 after today). Full convention registration fee includes all sessions, convention materials, tea breaks, daily lunch, access to the exhibition, Friendship Night and Gala Dinner. Consider going!

Dress a Girl – One last item regarding Dress a Girl: As you may or may not know, while this is not an ‘official’ region project this biennium, I have encouraged clubs to continue with it if it is a fulfilling project for your club. We will ask the District Directors to gather information so we can know how we’ve increased our impact with these dresses. It has been brought to my attention, however, that some people are making dresses with pillowcases. While this was the original starting point for the project several years ago, they no longer accept dresses made from pillowcases. Please see their instructions and guidelines here .

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for all you do! I’m so proud to be a Soroptimist!!
Lane Parks