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You are losing out on lots of potentially great employees because of this one mistake.

I’m getting really tired of articles (and people) who start off by saying “All of these people…” There are no “all these people.” Everyone is different. One size fits one. You don’t lead by treating everyone the same. It doesn’t work that way.

Don’t Make Assumptions.

Assumptions (Swenson on Leadership)
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Why Having Friends at Work is So Important

The most controversial question in the renowned Gallup Q12 survey is “Do you have a best friend at work?” Many people don’t think you need that. From both personal and observational experiences, I strongly disagree. Having a close friend or friends whom you work with is essential to our happiness. Gallup has proven it year after year. It’s one of the major concerns many of us have about the remote & hybrid workforce: How will we continue to connect?

Work Friends Are Crucial to Our Happiness (Fast Company)

One-Third of Americans Lie on Their Resumes

When you’ve seen as many resumes as I have, you get jaded. I was a little surprised, frankly, that the number wasn’t higher. This is why you require every candidate to complete a job application, and you conduct at least a minimum background check of everyone you offer a job to.

I’ve seen too many people get burned by this – don’t join their company.

Survey: 1/3 of Americans Lie on Their Resumes (HR Watchdog)
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A Single Neuron is a Complex Little Computer (Singularity Hub)
Are Remote Employees Sleeping During Work? (Inside Hook)
Workplace Rudeness: The Hurt Grows (Korn Ferry)
40 One-Sentence Email Tips (Josh Spector)
You Will Probably Work For a Protocol Someday(The Future of Work)

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