News From Annapolis | March 25 2020
Delegate Susan Krebs, District 5
It is undeniable that we are living in unprecedented times.  My staff and I are hunkered down at home working tirelessly to provide you with the most up-to-date information we have available to us. Although self-quarantine means sacrificing the normalcy in our daily lives- it is incredibly important to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The single most pondered question is “How long will this last?” Of course none of us know the answer to that question . Governor Hogan just announced today that schools will be closed for an additional four weeks (until April 24 th ). 

There are many other questions that are being asked that we do not have the answers to and are waiting to get the final directive from the Federal Stimulus package that is being voted on in Congress. We are hopeful that expanded unemployment benefits will be included in that package.

There are resources to help guide Marylanders navigate this pandemic and keep themselves safe- see the links below- the information on the links is updated daily so keep refreshing for the most current information.

The most important way to get our lives back to normal is to rid our world and our communities of this virus. Please do your part and follow the guidelines for social distancing.

Please support our local businesses (and their employees) to the extent possible- they are facing very uncertain times.

Stay safe – we will look back on this in history as a truly memorable time and one in which we conquered an invisible enemy and came back stronger than ever!
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources
Governor's Press Conference
March 25, 2020
"I was a recipient of the Delegate Susan W. Krebs Scholarship in 2019, and it was of great help to me, thank you very much! "
$$ For High School Seniors in Carroll County
If you are a resident of District 5 and are a High School student, you are eligible to apply for the Delegate Susan Krebs' Scholarship. All Carroll County seniors, planning to attend a Maryland college or university, are encouraged to apply.

Due to school closures if unable to acquire your transcript, a recent report card is fine.

Deadline Soon! - postmarked by
March 27, 2020

2020 Census - Why Is It Important?
The 2020 Census is more important than ever!
Recently you should have have received instructions in the mail for completing your 2020 Census questionaire, online . Please take a moment to complete while you are homebound. Census information provides the basis for federal funding for many programs - education, workforce development, transportation infrastructure and more. In 2010, Carroll County had the highest respondent percentage in the State! Collected information is kept confidential and used for statistical purposes only.
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