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Employer Update  | Winter 2018
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The Truth about IPERS

IPERS has been in the news recently, and you may have some questions about what you've read. We put together a new  website that helps members, lawmakers and all Iowans understand the facts about IPERS. Feel free to share this information with others.
Section 125 Plan Certifications
If your organization offers elective employer contributions to a Section 125 plan, check your certification status with IPERS. IPERS now requires these plans to be certified every year.

To certify your plan, complete and submit a Section 125 Plan Certification form . Forms are due every January 1.

For more information:   Section 125 Plan Certification webpage

Contribution Rates Change on July 1
Membership Group
Current Rate
(7/1/17 - 6/30/18)
Future Rate
(7/1/18 - 6/30/19)
Member share: 5.95%
Employer share: 8.93%
Total: 14.88%
Member share: 6.29%
Employer share: 9.44%
Total: 15.73%
Sheriffs and Deputies
Member share: 9.38%
Employer share: 9.38%
Total: 18.76%
Member share: 9.76%
Employer share: 9.76%
Total: 19.52%
Protection Occupations
Member share: 6.56%
Employer share: 9.84%
Total: 16.40%
Member share: 6.81%
Employer share: 10.21%
Total: 17.02%
Snow Days in June?
If snow days delay the end of your school year from May into June, retiring employees won't become eligible for IPERS benefits until July. This is because retirement benefits cannot begin until the month after employment ends.
As a reporting official, your role is to provide the correct termination date on the Employer Verification of Termination page of the employee's Application for Retirement Benefits. If you complete the form early, and the date of termination changes later, contact us as soon as possible. It is IPERS' role to ensure that retirees receive benefits as soon as they are eligible, but not before.

Protecting Member Data

Before you scan and email a form to IPERS, take a closer look at it. Does it contain any confidential information such as birth dates or Social Security numbers? If so, use ShareFile to submit it. Using ShareFile keeps the confidential information safe.
You'll find instructions for using ShareFile on . It's easy to use! If you would like, we can walk you through it over the phone -- just call us.
Secure Mail

If you've emailed one of our compliance officers in the last few months, you may have noticed our email works differently now. We're using a service called Secure Mail with every message we send. This helps protect any confidential information that is in an email. But it also means that an email from one of our compliance officers requires a few steps from you in order to read it. If you receive a Secure Mail message, and you aren't sure how to access the email, contact us and we will help you open it.
Remember, a compliance officer can create a Secure Mail email chain for you, but until that has happened, any confidential data you email to them would be unsecured. So be sure to ask us for a Secure Mail thread before you email any confidential data.
2018 Legislative Session
The 2018 legislative session started in January and runs through April. Stay informed about IPERS issues on the Law & Legislation section of There you can access the laws and administrative rules that govern IPERS. Any IPERS presentations made to legislative committees will be posted as well. We also track all active legislative bills related to IPERS on the Bill Watch page.


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