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August 9, 2021 | Issue 17
How do you Ensure Healthcare Equity in Keeping With Your Institution’s Diversity and
Inclusion Goals?
It Takes a Systemic Approach
Almost 580 Faculty and Staff Step it Up for Four-Week Walking Challenge
Clark University Tops Highest Step School Rankings

Almost 580 faculty and staff from 17 colleges, universities, and secondary schools participated in this year’s edHEALTH “Walk This Way” Walking Challenge. This represented a 28.9% increase in participation over last year. Employees achieved remarkable results over the four-week challenge that positively affect their health and well-being:
  • 148.5M steps walked, 40.5M more than last year
  • Average of 260,407 steps walked per walker
New Laser Policy Guidelines Effective January 1, 2022

Effective January 1, 2022, edHEALTH’s member-owned stop-loss captive will implement new Laser Policy Guidelines that will minimize the individual employer risk for renewing member schools by limiting individual school lasers and equitably sharing lasered claim costs (above the school’s self-insured retention level) across the captive. The new Laser Policy Guidelines provide less volatility for any one school and instead are modeled on a true insurance model (shared risk) that spreads the risk across all members.
Where do we Find Individual School Claim and Financial Reports?
Member-owners can access the following reports on the edHEALTH portal:
  • High-cost claims report
  • Quarterly actuarial report
  • Prescription drug rebate information
  • Important owner information
  • Plan design minutes and presentations
  • Member services guide

Member-owners and their advisors can access the following reports on the OptumRx RxTracks portal:
  • Standard reports including utilization and claims detail
  • Membership management including eligibility, history, and trend reports
  • Product management including top drugs report
  • Pharmacy management including top pharmacies report
  • Prescriber management including top prescribers report
  • Clinical management including controlled substance and multiple provider details
  • On-demand reporting where you can generate customized reports
Annual Member-Owner Meeting Changed to Virtual Format
September calendar
Mark Your Calendars for
Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Unfortunately, COVID-19 cases are rising and, in an abundance of caution, edHEALTH is moving its annual member-owner meeting to a virtual format. We look forward to seeing our member-owners, business partners, and member school advisors virtually on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 from 1PM-4PM.
Mark your calendars for this important annual Member-Owner event. We hope you’ll be able to join us for a recap of the year and to shape the strategy for 2022 and beyond.
And the Answer Is…
The primary reason a health insurance consultant recommends edHEALTH to their higher and secondary education clients is when the pricing estimates support the change. Healthcare puts a huge strain on college, university, and private secondary school budgets, which drives up tuition costs. “Higher education is struggling with drops in enrollment and controlling costs is critical,” said Ben Lewis, Partner, Strategic Healthcare Practice Leader, Consiliarium Group, LLC.
Find out how advisors collaborate with edHEALTH to identify solutions for their clients.
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