Spotlight on Volunteering

Who remembers having a Pen Pal?

Whether on notebook paper or beautiful stationary, the importance of receiving a letter was always what was inside. It could be the answers to your questions or details of adventures or plans to see one another. This same excitement remains the same with two Pen Pal Projects coordinated by our RSVP Volunteer Program.

Students from Branford and Hamden middle schools are paired with seniors, including a group of veterans, and communicate through handwritten letters! Yes, can you believe? Handwritten letters were exchanged and, in some instances, in cursive! In many schools, cursive is no longer taught and many students have never experienced the process of handwriting a letter to someone, let alone a stranger.

The Branford Pen Pal project, in its 3 rd year, made it to the front page of the Shoreline Times , and the local news section of the New Haven Register.