We are proud to announce ...
After 21 years in downtown Mesa (!) we were ready 
for a change. So we're excited to share that we've moved to a new office – still in Mesa - located at Stapley Center. 

We're working on some unfinished details so we aren’t ready
for a big ‘reveal’ just yet. Check out the sneak peek below and
stay tuned for upcoming events to show off our new digs! 
Experts Say ... How to Create
Healthy Work Environments

Speaking of office space, did you know traditional office environments can lead to poor health habits? But according to Health Magazine, there are easy ways to make your own office space "healthier". By employing some or all of their 12 recommendations, you can help influence better health at work!

See the list by clicking the button below:
"Love It or Hate It" ...
Adaptive Architects Edition

We love the monsoons! But hate the surprises they can bring. So here, in lightening round style: our current “love it or hate it” list:
  • Love: the return of the monsoon storms
  • Hate: the killer tree that nearly crushed Erin the Intern’s car

  • Love: our new windows with views of the monsoon storms
  • Hate:  glazing that is at times invisible to birds and people

  • Love:  new tech allowing phone calls on the internet (VOIP)
  • Hate:  new tech we don't (yet) understand, and
  • Hate: monsoon storms that disrupt our internet service
All joking aside, we ARE enjoying setting up our new office. Just please forgive us if we're grumble a bit these next few days!

What's Up with the ... Green Stripe?
One fun detail at our new office is the green stripe on our north wall (see image above). And it has secret talents: its a combination ‘marker board and magnetic surface’. Cool huh?

Idea Paint markets these products for both DIY’ers and professional contractors alike. We're excited to make great use of 'the stripe' in the coming years. If you want to know more, click here or give us a call for more details.
Should we do more?

We've accomplished several of the 12 items recommended for healthy offices above, but wonder if we should do more.
Options for next steps? We could:

** Add an air purifier - buy a plant - use aromatherapy - or
maybe add a pet to the office **

Do you have a preference on these? Email us and let us know!

Have a great month!
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