Dear Lurecrest Family, 

The difficulties and uncertainty of 2020 have brought our focus to the Lord and trust in His provision. And provide He has! Despite the challenges of this summer, Camp Lurecrest is debt free and in a position to start preparing for our 2021 camping season. This work of the Lord has been made possible through your generous and faithful giving.
Through our necessary restructure, we have become more efficient, with our yearly overhead at an all-time of low of 25% of our budget. We now have the opportunity to focus on maintaining and sustaining a healthy framework for this ministry that will allow Camp Lurecrest to stand strong for years to come.

In order to do this we need your continued help. Financial gifts over the next several months will go directly into these three areas of stewardship:
  • Maintenance: Keeping facilities and grounds safe and functional
  • Financial Foundation: Building financial reserves to guard us from future risks
  • Staff: Hiring an experienced Maintenance and Facility Director to preserve our 72-year old property
In these lean times, we are reminded that we are nothing and have nothing if we don’t have the good news of Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory! We thank Him for YOU, our Lurecrest family. Your love, prayers, and financial support are a source of joy for this ministry. We look forward to staying connected through the year.
May the steadfast love of the Lord fill and sustain you in this season!

God Bless,
Introducing Lurecrest Legacy Day
We are excited to introduce Lurecrest Legacy Day - a new, annual celebration of Camp Lurecrest and the impact it has had on the lives of campers and staff.

Did a week really change your life? Did God use someone at Lurecrest to impact your walk with Him? If so, we invite you to give in honor of that person or to become a Lurecrest monthly donor on October 6th, helping to continue the Lurecrest Legacy.

As you give, you will have the chance to write your story and share the ways God has used Camp Lurecrest in your life, which we will post on our website and share on our social media on October 6th and the following week. Email your stories & photos to
Join us in rejoicing in what God has done throughout Camp Lurecrest’s history and look expectantly to the future on this mountain.
We Need Your Help!
Join us for a day of fun and hard work!
Lunch is provided. Volunteers must be high school or older.