Hope for Tomorrow Today
September 2016
Cornerstones has elected a n ew slate of officers to its Board of Directors  for fiscal years (July 1-June 30) 2017 2018:  Sara Leonard, Board Chair; Susan Jones, Vice Chair; John Thomas, Secretary; Lawrence Schwartz, Treasurer Read More >>
Cornerstones has announced the creation of its  Legacy of Hope Society , where members of the community can  make a lasting difference today by making a charitable planned gift that offers stability, empowerment and hope for families now and in the future.  Read More >>
Farmers Market Gleaners Team Members: Collect and drop-off fruit, vegetables and other market goods from vendors at the Reston Farmer's Market at Lake Anne Village, ensuring that our clients benefit from the abundance of local summer produce! Saturdays, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm, May - Mid Nov.

Support this program which encourages clients to use their SNAP benefits at Reston Farmer's Market at Lake Anne Village on Saturdays by processing payments from clients, and interacting with Farmer's Market vendors who accept SNAP payments. Saturdays, 7:30 am - 12:30 pm, May - Mid Nov.

Canned Food Drives Strengthen your muscle power for a good cause by transporting and/or organizing large donations of non-perishable food. 

To learn more and sign-up, contact us at 571-323-9568 or volunteer@
A Message from Our CEO: "Fruits and Veggies: More Matters Month" is a time for everyone to reflect on the importance of balanced diets and healthy eating habits to one's overall well-being. For Cornerstones, however, finding ways to improve access to healthy food for our low-income neighbors is a year-round endeavor Read More  >>
1 in 10 Reston and Herndon Neighbors Access Cornerstones'
Assistance Services and Pantry Program 
Cornerstones operates the largest and most accessible food pantry in northwest Fairfax County. The Assistance Services and Pantry Program (ASAPP) has, on average, over 10,000 pounds of food available on any given day, stored at its pantry and off-site storage units. It is the only pantry in the Reston/Herndon area that is open five day a week, eight hours a day (except a half-day on Fridays) and a half-day one Saturday per month. Read More >>
You Can Help
a Family Have A Fulfilling Thanksgiving Holiday
For many in our community with stressed budgets and financial challenges, a Thanksgiving dinner just isn't possible. To support this year's Thanksgiving Basket Food Drive, please confirm your donation commitment by October 31st. Read More  >>
Donate Your support makes a diffe rence in the lives of children, families, men and women -- every day of the year.
"I love that I can use my SNAP benefits at the Farmers Market in Reston! I can get free matching dollars to spend on fresh produce for my family so we eat healthier food. And, when I get produce from the vendors there,I feel that they treat me with respect and dignity and also very polite." "Karen"
"After I was laid off from the company I worked at for more than 10 years, I started to struggle financially. I finally went to the Cornerstones' food pantry when I had zero left of my savings. I couldn't find a permanent job so I had to do temping.  After the third time I received food assistance, a staff person at the pantry asked me if I would like to talk about my situation and she helped me work on my goals and gave me information about different places to go and apply for a job. I now have a permanent job and I am able to pay for all my expenses.  I haven't had to rely on food assistance from Cornerstones for a few months now, but I am glad it was there when I needed it."  "Lynnette"
These extraordinary supporters and volunteers donate their gifts, time and talents.  Read More >>

Students from Chesterbrook Academy, including this young cornerstone, hosted  a cookie and lemonade stand to raise funds for a good cause. They selected Cornerstones as the organization to receive their $212 donation!
Please join us to celebrate The Commonwealth Institute's 10th anniversary and
the 2016 Legacy Award honorees, including Cornerstones' own Kerrie Wilson!