Did you know that there are markers that designate the path of the El Camino Real de los Tejas? These granite markers were placed in five mile intervals along the El Camino Real as a statewide project by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Each of these markers read: "Kings Highway, Camino Real, Old San Antonio Road, Marked by the Daughters of the American Revolution and the State of Texas, A.D. 1918". We have one right here in District 10! It’s located on the corner of Higgins and Nacogdoches. When you get a chance please go visit this piece of history in our District.

The District 10 office worked closely with El Chaparral/Fertile Valley and Pepperidge Neighborhood Associations to ensure that this monument remained protected. The monument was recently restored and placed on a pedestal and surrounded by fencing. 

Big thank you to Rodney Dziuk and his team at Public Works for their hard work in preserving our own little piece of history.