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We are continuing monthly communication with you – and encourage you to visit us at – our website – which includes organizational information and virtual tours! “Like” us on Facebook – to stay up to date on all the engaging ways we deliver on our promise of a great day. If you need more information about our programs or a specific client, please call one of our Program Managers or Case Managers.




Positive Cases: So far this August, there have been four (4) positive cases at Sunshine Village that I reported to the local Boards of Health. This has brought the total positive cases since March 17, 2020, to 241 (146 clients and 95 employees.) 




Summer Fun Day: The Casey Program at Litwin Lane is planning a fun day to celebrate our partnership with the Chicopee Police Department. We will host a picnic for our clients and some of the police officers who regularly visit us. The day will include fun games and activities (think water slide.) We have scheduled this for Thursday, August 25, 2022, from 10:00 to 1:00. Please let us know if you can join us! E-mail Gina at


55th Anniversary Client Celebrations: Agawam will be hosting a FIESTA on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, from 10:30 to 1:00. Let us know if you can stop in – you can see our new deck – that enhances our outdoor space at this site! E-mail Gina at


Chicopee Farmer’s Market: We continue to participate each Wednesday from 10:00 to 2:00 at the Chicopee Farmers Market (under the “bridge” on Chicopee Street.)


Facebook: Look at our Facebook – August’s campaign is

What’s NEW at Sunshine Village?”




RN RecruitmentAll of our efforts worked! We have hired a nurse for the Agawam program – to replace our current nurse who is retiring at the end of the year AND we have hired a float nurse. 


Behavioral Clinician RecruitmentWe are now recruiting for a second Behavioral Clinician – in anticipation of more clients – and more clients with challenging behaviors – coming back to our programs in the next few months and years.


Breakfast with Gina: We discontinued the “Breakfast with Gina” in March of 2020 because of COVID – and we are happy to report that this September, we will be restarting this monthly communication and recognition series again. We recognize employees who have anniversaries that month – and provide an update on all that is happening – and being planned for – SSV.




Community Inclusion: We have not yet been able to find a professional to lead “mad science” or STEM sessions (as requested thru client feedback) through our “Bringing the Community to Us” Inclusion Program so, until we can, we are looking at alternative ways to provide these types of sessions. 


We are now in discussions to partner with Dress for Success to jointly host integrated community-based “Lunch and Learn” sessions for our female clients participating in our CBDS programs.



 The two vans that we ordered in October of 2021 have arrived. We are now assessing new referrals and clients who have not yet returned to CBDS services to fill these vans.



THANK YOU for helping Sunshine Village achieve our mission – and helping people SHINE! 



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