June 2022

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Colocation Data Center Leaders Eye New Changes

If the digital economy wasn’t already prevalent, the consumer behaviors during the pandemic evolved quickly enough to push almost everyone into a more digital state of mind. Colocation providers, data centers, and hyperscale ecosystems are getting far more attention than ever. Is your organization positioned to make the change from traditional to hyperscale solutions?

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Is Hyperconvergence Right for Your Data Center?

Hyperconvergence is an IT infrastructure approach that unites computing, storage, and networking in a single system to gain benefits like scalability and a reduction in complexity. It is composed of a hypervisor to handle virtualized computing, virtualized networking, and software-defined storage.

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New world order in workplace communications

Seeking a replacement for your current communications tool? In need of a phone solution, messaging tool, video conferencing app, or perhaps all three? If your current communications infrastructure has become a thing of the past, you’re not alone.

The workplace has transitioned into a new world of communications. With more and more organizations shifting to remote and hybrid work models, the tools that once served us well are coming up short.

Whether you’ve got five employees or five hundred, today a connected workplace means total flexibility. Flexibility to work remotely, hybrid, or in-office, and the ability to maintain effective communication channels across all three.

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