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Ransomware recovery is always being pushed to new levels, and cyber criminals have two new tricks that are challenging cyber security plans to keep pace. Take a look at two developments causing headaches for security teams.

Organizations spanning all industries have adopted multi-cloud security strategies to great advantage, but along with those perks come risks. Cyber criminals have exploited weaknesses, giving rise to new cyber security concerns. Fortunately, working with the right provider can fill the gaps and prevent breaches.

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A Managed Cloud Services Company
Sky Data Vault was founded in 2013 to provide simple, fast, reliable and cost-effective ways for organizations to manage risk in their mission critical IT systems.

We have created a complete and effective solutions portfolio to address any customer requirement. Whether it is Backup as a Service (BaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Microsoft® Office 365® Backup, or a fully managed infrastructure with our Business in the Cloud (BitC) offering, our customers have full confidence in their service without having to think about it or dedicate staff to manage it.

Additionally, we handle the monitoring, managing, and maintaining of the services allowing you to stay focused on your organization’s mission.

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Anytime data recovery options from the secure Sky Data Vault cloud
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