April 2022
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In the age of zero trust security strategies, utilizing a managed IT security provider has never had more value. Why rely on a trusted professional? First of all, you can’t establish a zero trust strategy using one specific product, which means you’re going to have to utilize multiple providers who specialize in delivering different products. This takes guidance from a professional that stays up on the latest security technology developments.

IT teams have plenty to keep up with given the ubiquity of cloud-based applications in use today. From Microsoft 365 to Zoom, Google G-Suite to Salesforce, there is no shortage of cloud security risks out there today. Managed security can be the best way to keep your risks low while keeping your productivity from being hindered.

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Modernize your network virtually
As demand for network capacity increases, businesses are forced to quickly deploy and scale their networks to support new services and applications, while maintaining superior user experience.

To meet this challenge, Equinix created Network Edge, a network automation tool enabling you to select the virtual network services you want, deploy virtually in the locations you need and connect instantly to the destinations you require.
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