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Enterprises see the value in outsourcing certain IT functions, such as cloud computing, infrastructure, and managed security; but choosing a managed services provider can be a daunting task. Choose the wrong provider, and you may be stuck lamenting problems like paying for services you don’t need or battling data backup problems or downtime.

A transition to software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is often initiated to simplify the management of a complex cloud environment with bandwidth-hungry solutions, or as a way to reduce the overall cost of WAN. While SD-WAN features like enhanced application performance and improved visibility are regularly discussed, there are a few benefits that operate as sort of the unsung heroes of the SD-WAN migration.

An estimated 42% of employees are putting in their work hours from home, but with roughly 80% of the workforce desiring a work-from-home situation, there is bound to be an influx in cloud-based solutions that connect workers to their home offices. To ensure all data is safe, adopting cloud security solutions must be a priority.

For organizations looking for the most privacy possible, private networks with no access or extremely limited access from the outside became the go-to option. This poses issues, however, for workers who put in their hours remotely; and given the current climate with such high percentages of the workforce now carrying out their tasks from home, the private network scenario faces challenges. Remote-worker security has to be on the short list of things to do for company IT personnel.

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