February 2022
From Our News Desk
The path to digital transformation was already planned for many companies before the pandemic hit, but an unexpected acceleration left many IT teams scrambling to implement new technology. From securing network access to providing new ways to collaborate for teams, companies were forced to ramp up efforts to be fully digital.

The traditional network perimeter has long vanished, making way for an expanded network that includes mobile, remote, and cloud solutions and users, as well as internet of things (IoT) devices and an array of digital resources. In order to address the unique security challenges of this expanding network perimeter, companies are turning to an approach called secure access service edge (SASE, pronounced “sassy”).

Supplier Highlight
Each year, 20% of businesses become the targets of hacking threats. The majority of those affected (60%) go out of business within 6 months of the attack. Taking preemptive measures is critical to your organization’s long-term viability. Protect your network and your business today and for years to come with Cyber Secure Plus.

As your business becomes increasingly dependent on integrated technologies including computers, networks, the internet, bluetooth, WIFI, smartphones and more, managing security becomes a challenging, ongoing task. NETRIO delivers the enterprise cybersecurity solutions necessary to facilitate your organization’s infrastructure.

Benefits of Cyber Secure Plus
  • Wireless intrusion detection
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Firewall/router/switch monitoring
  • Host intrusion detection (HIDs) agent
  • Monitoring of UTM
  • Detailed security monitoring
  • 24/7 continuous security monitoring
  • Vulnerability scanning & reporting
  • Client dashboard
  • Log monitoring & correlation
  • Intrusion prevention services
  • Network intrusion detection