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December 2016 Newsletter


Stuart Bradin
I want to be up front and say that this is the last Glob al SOF Foundation (GSF) Newsletter that will go out to non-members and non-partners. With the start of 2017, the GSF is making some changes that give our  members and partners a greater return on their investment with us.

The GSF has several major things happening that will have a significant impact on the foundation. First off we are transitioning our CRM from a system designed for traditional charities that are constantly raising money to a new system that is built for an association. The new system will consolidate about 4 separate databases that require a lot of work, linking key functions. The new system will provide a lot and over the next 6 months we will be emailing our members and partners about how the system works and its benefits.

Strategically the GSF is falling into a battle rhythm of annual events that are smaller, more intimate, international, and SOF-focused. By 2018 the GSF will have six major events:

  1. FEB Global SOF Symposium - We will execute the 3 rd symposium in 2017 and the 4th in 2018
  2. APR West Coast Reception - New event in 2017
  3. MAY Tampa Reception - We've executed 3 of these already
  4. AUG Fort Bragg Symposium and Demo - New event in 2018
  5. SEP Global SOF Symposium - Europe - Executed first event in 2016 and are heading to Romania (2017) and Spain (2018)
  6. NOV National Capital Region Reception - We've executed 3 receptions and are adding a Policy Event in 2017 
Most of these events have been ongoing and some may become greater in scope over time, should the Programming Committee elect to grow them. We can't make every event a fit for everyone so we have scheduled enough smaller opportunities to give all of our members and partners the chance to attend.

GSF events have gotten better each year, and we do not see that changing. I encourage you to look at the agenda of the Global SOF Symposium, 20 - 23 February 2017. We have added a golf tournament on Monday as well as an Icebreaker. The agenda is amazing and last year we had 442 people from 28 nations and we expect a better turnout in 2017. 
It will be a fun and VALUABLE use of your time.


We need your help! 
In order to help active duty service members in Special Operations better transition from military to civilian life, the SOF for Life program is actively seeking SOF to complete a survey about their transition. We are asking those that have separated or retired to step forward and provide a little bit of their time as well as some honesty to get the facts about life after SOF. 

We have over 350 responses, but we need more to validate our findings. We especially need to hear from our separated Enlisted and NCOs.  Over half of our respondents were Officers, which is not an accurate representation of the SOF Community. 

Here's a sampling of what we've been seeing:

In this season of giving, give us 12 minutes of your time and complete the survey.
Upcoming Events



The GSF is becoming more exclusive and will be holding more Partner-Only events, reducing Sponsorship costs for Partners and providing annual ROI summaries for our Partner organizations. That's in addition to the benefits that we already offer:

If your organization is not yet a GSF Corporate Partner and you're ready to get all of these perks and more, contact Meaghan and she'll help get you started!

Spatial Networks & Fulcrum
Sept. 22 in St. Pete, FL

The GSF teamed up with Spatial Networks to host a very informative Field Trip.  If you haven't attended a GSF Field Trip yet...why?  With a great turnout of 30 GSF partners, the Spatial Networks team gave a tour of their trendy downtown office, a jaw-dropping presentation on their capabilities, and had an amazing spread of snacks.  More in the blog.

American Freedom Distillery
Dec. 8 in St. Pete, FL

Not yet open to the public, the American Freedom Distillery is being opened by a team of former Green Berets. They graciously invited us to hold our Programming Committee meeting in their awesome
 facility, which we followed with a "Whiskey Experience." The attendees then voted on a craft bourbon that will be the *official* bourbon of the Global SOF Symposium in February.  What did we choose?  You'll have to attend the Symposium to find out...

Check out the photos here.

Happy Hour & Book Signing  with Rosa Brooks, author of How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything
September 21, 2016 in Arlington, VA

Nearly 50 attendees had a great opportunity to network, enjoy some (free!) appetizers and discounted drinks, and look for openings to collaborate with one another. And let's not forget, everyone present got to meet author Rosa Brooks!  Check out the blog post.


We love our Corporate Partners...and we think you should, too.  If any of these elite organizations pique your interest, look them up in the Partner Directory and reach out.


Annual National Capital Region Reception
Nov. 16, 2016 in Pentagon City, VA

Keynote Speaker Sen. Joni Ernst spoke, calling  SOF "the forces that are paving the way for the future of warfare." There were around 300 people from Congressional Staff/SOF Caucuses, Industry, Foreign Embassies, and the DoD in attendance. This expansive group was able to discuss SOF issues, explore business opportunities and enjoy an array of refreshments.  

Click on any of the documents below to see them in their entirety.





Strategic Implication: The Use of SOF in Unconventional Coercion
Today, Operation ATLANTIC RESOLVE, or OAR, is the U.S. European Command response to Russian aggression in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. OAR has provided U.S. SOF a unique opportunity to put a new face on the development of resistance strategies. The compelling difference between the resistance campaigns executed in the last 200 years and what U.S. SOF could achieve in OAR is primarily a function of preparation, strategy, and nature of the adversary. 

-- by LTC Mark G. Davis, Executive Officer for the Deputy Chief for Support at the NATO Special Operations Headquarters (NSHQ) in Mons, Belgium

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Global SOF Symposium- Europe
Oct. 13-14, 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania

Over 275 attendees from 22 nations attended our inaugural overseas symposium. There was a great lineup of speakers, business and social opportunities, and the Lithuanian Minister of Defense visited every exhibitor (see photo of a representative from one of our corporate partners, Spatial Networks, speaking to the MOD). One attendee said,  "this is a great event -- not like anything I have ever seen or attended."

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