October 1- October 7, 2019
OCTOBER 16, 2019:

THO will be hosting a luncheon discussion on the latest developments of the Syrian conflict and Kurdish at the National Press Club from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.

RSVP: info@turkheritage.org
NOVEMBER 6, 2019

THO will be hosting Former Vice Admiral Kadir Sagdic in November, 2019 both in New York City and Washington, D.C. Stay tuned as we announce more details!
Coming Soon:

Stay tuned for THO Congressional Events coming soon!
THO Publications
THO Contributor Sarah Houston wrapped up her project in in  Turkey speaking with  American students studying in  Istanbul and  Ankara . Her project focused on the importance of international education and a strong  US -T urkey relationship. We look forward to releasing her work soon!
THO Non-Resident Fellows reflected on their THO experiences and trips to Washington D.C., and Turkey in their final articles. Read more on our blog Meddah !
Recent Events
October 3, 2019:

On Wednesday, October 3, 2019, THO hosted H.E.  Fatma Sahin , Mayor of Gaziantep and President of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey.
Mayor Sahin discussed local governance and migration flux, given the large number of refugees the city of Gaziantep has accepted. The conversation provided an opportunity for attendees to also hear about pressing issues such as the safe-area zone proposal in Northern Syria, as well as the current state of U.S.-Turkey relations. Mayor Sahin provided an analysis of her city’s efforts to assist the large number of refugees it has been hosting, but also the effort of Turkey in whole. The invitation-only roundtable included a number of U.S. government officials, such as those from Department of State, Department of Defense, and Homeland Security, amongst others. Representatives from a number of NGO’s, think thanks, and academia were present as well. 

THO Outreach
Members of the THO Team had a meeting with the Mayor of Gaziantep, Fatma Sahin outside of our private roundtable to discuss more developments in the region.
THO Communications Manager Savannah Lane attended the Turkish Coalition of America's Reception celebrating Former US Consul General Jennifer Davis and panel.discussing the latest in U.S.-Turkey relations.
Communications Manager Savannah Lane and THO Team members connected with members of USAID to connect and discuss the latest developments of humanitarian aid and refugees in the international community.
THO President Ali Cinar continued with media relations on U.S.-Turkey relations.
THO Communications Manager Savannah Lane continued with Congressional Outreach and met with Legislative Directors on Capitol Hill.