December 3- December 9, 2019
THO Upcoming Events:
December 12, 2019

THO will be hosting Dr. Joseph Nye to discuss U.S. Foreign Policy Strategy and Challenges December 12, 2019 at the National Press Club.
More speakers to be announced soon!


THO's 2019 Annual Review of US-Turkey relations is coming soon- THO will be taking a deeper look at the US-Turkey relationship in 2019 and make predictions for 2020. Stay tuned for more updates!
THO is now verified on Wikipedia! We encourage you to check out our page and our history of fostering successful bilateral partnership between Turkey and the U.S.

THO Outreach
Last week THO's outreach kicked off as THO's President, Ali Cinar, attended the NATO leaders meeting in London and the NATO Engages conference that occurred before the meeting.
Additionally, at the NATO Leader meeting THO President's, Ali Cinar, met with the Prime Minister of North Macedonia and congratulated North Macedonia on its new NATO membership.
THO's Communications Manager, Savannah Lane , also met with U.S. State Department officials last week to discuss current development in Turkey and also provide insight on current Turkish policies.

Then finally, THO's Executive Director, Elvir Klempic and Communications Manager Savannah Lane , met with George Mason University researcher to discuss the Turkish diaspora in the U.S. and review Turkey's own immigration issues.
THO Media Engagement
THO media outreach continues as THO's President, Ali Cinar, met with various media channels such as TRT World, I24, NewsMax, Sirius XM POTUS, Fox News Radio, CNNTurk, Haberturk, TRT Haber, Haber Global, A News. During his interviews Ali Cinar discussed and focused on the recent NATO meeting, as well as Turkey's current relationship with its NATO allies.
Additionally, THO's Communications Manager, Savannah Lane, spoke with A news and TRT World on current U.S.- Turkey Relations and recent NATO developments.
Then to finish off THO's media outreach, Executive Director, Elvir Klempic, appeared on Fox Nation to discuss the U.S.'s position in NATO and to explain why this is still a valued partnership for the U.S.
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