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Still No Mitigation Agreement
Behind closed doors, a committee of five Boston representatives (with just one Eastie representative) is negotiating with representatives from the casino/track. They are negotiating exactly how much our community and the city of Boston will receive to help offset the negative effects from a casino neighborhood. Once an agreement is announced, we will have a quick response and provide our supporters with a breakdown of what it entails.

Mayoral Candidates Wade into the Casino Debate
The delay of the mitigation agreement release has thrust the casino issue into the campaign for Mayor of Boston. Two of the 12 candidates for mayor have officially come out against a Boston casino: Bill Walczak and Charles Clemons, Jr.

Walczak is the fiercest opponent. He told the Boston Globe this week that "Boston is better than a casino. There's better ways of building jobs. There's better ways of building up the city."

And you'll remember that candidate Dan Conley said in May that he advocates a double "yes" vote to approve a casino: a "yes" in East Boston and a "yes" in a citywide vote. This week, he told WGBH that while he is a "casino agnostic, show me a middle-class community that's thriving around a casino. It seems like a J.V. idea to me."

Stay tuned for information about a mayor's forum in East Boston!

Caesars Entertainment Continues to Hemorrhage Money, 'Plummet' Toward Bankruptcy
The casino operator Suffolk Downs has chosen as its partner, Caesars, is $21.3 billion in debt and had one of the worst-performing stocks of 2012. Last week, it announced $212 million in losses for the second quarter of 2013. In fact, the company hasn't had a profitable quarter since February 2012. Analysts call the company "extremely flawed," say it has fooled its investors, and maintain that "there would need to be a meteor to destroy the earth" for Caesars to avoid going bankrupt.

How can we possibly take such a gamble on inviting a failing company to "invest" in our community?

We hope this newsletter will be informative for you, our neighbor, and that you'll forward it to someone who needs to see it. We also encourage you to hang a sign, make a donation, volunteer at the phone bank, or like us on Facebook as a result. As always, we appreciate your support!

- The No Eastie Casino Team
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Lessons From Springfield
On July 16th, voters in Springfield approved a proposal by MGM Grand to build a hotel and casino in the city's South End, 58% (Yes) to 42% (No). But behind those seemingly depressing numbers is actually a silver lining -- and hope for us in Eastie. Some takeaways:

The Vote was Close
In raw numbers, 13,973 voted yes, while 10,260 voters voted no. That's despite MGM's $12 million in spending to influence votes -- including $1 million in television advertising -- radio spots, mailings, "contributions" to civic and community groups, and bringing in free entertainment such as Blue Man Group and giving out tickets to sporting events. Add to that the fact that the Mayor, every elected official, the police and fire unions and the AFL-CIO and the only newspaper in town were all actively campaigning for MGM. As one Springfield casino opponent put it, "The result is amazing."

Refuse to be Intimidated
Meet proponents on their playing field and ours, engaging them as often as possible in every venue possible and remaining prepared to challenge their message. (respectfully, of course) Remember, the CEOs of Caesars and Suffolk Downs don't live here ... we do.
Discuss and Share Impacts
Casino developers emphasize all the benefits, even framing mitigation as a gift rather than reparations. We can offset these tactics by pointing out the fact that casinos lower property values, pay low wages and drive up traffic, as well as the fact that states are bailing out their casinos. These have all been effective arguments in other places. 

Raise Some Money
We won't outspend Suffolk Downs/Caesars, but we do need to raise some money to fund our paid organizers, canvassing, phone banking, and costs associated with printing signs and flyers. (have you donated yet?)


Springfield taught us that even when outspent 2,400 to 1, the truth about casino impacts can still reach a large percentage -- half! -- of the population. For us to keep a casino out of Eastie, though, it's going to take strong support and community involvement to win, so please do what you can. 
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