March 12, 2015

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This Month:
"The Workplace: What Are Your Rights?"
Our Team:
James C. Mescall
Certified as a Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey since 1997
Arbitrator, Superior Court of New Jersey since 1995
(Essex, Hudson and Morris Counties)
Victims' Rights Attorney, appointed by the 9/11 Fund in 2001
Carlos H. Acosta, Jr.
Fluent in Spanish

Professional Associations and Memberships:
State Bar of New Jersey
Hudson County Bar Association
Hispanic Bar Association 

North Hudson Lawyer's Club (2007 President)

Arbitrator, Superior Court of Hudson County 

Jeffery A. Getz
Paralegal and Case Manager 
Bachelor of Science, Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1986
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Claims Training Program, 1986
28 years experience in the industry

At-Will Employment
What is that?
An "at-will" employee is a worker who can be fired from his or her job without consequences, except for reasons involving illegal actions. While this system also gives the employee the freedom to quit the job whenever he or she chooses, it can be abused by employers. Since most working Americans are considered "at-will" employees, we thought you should know your rights when an employer crosses the line. Read more here.
Job Loyalty
Which Companies Have Loyal Employees?
Some companies force employees to work long hours, for little pay and few benefits. Those companies that provide more than a salary, however, often have employees that remain there for years or decades. Which companies inspire lasting loyalty, and which companies are employees fleeing? You can find that out here.
Worker's Compensation in New Jersey
What to do if You are Injured on the Job
"Ban the Box"
How Work is Reducing Crime
New Jersey is one of thirteen states that has passed "Ban the Box" laws which ban employers from discriminating against people with arrests or convictions on their permanent record. By passing the law, New Jersey makes it easier for some people to find jobs and stay out of the justice system. Click here to learn more about the "Ban the Box" campaign.

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