In my  "Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith - Free Guidance and Support" chat to  Faith yesterday, we chatted about some really pressing issues a lot of people are struggling with at the moment. Mainly the fear that they themselves or their nearest and dearest won't make it through this ascension window into Harmonic Universe 2 at the end of this month. If you are struggling with this, then I strongly urge you to take a listen to our "Soul Chat" episode "What If I Don't Make It?" Then this newsletter will make more sense and a lot of questions have the potential to be answered. 
Hello my Precious Tribe!
The point of me referring to our recent "Soul Chat" broadcast above, is because expectation came up in the conversation and from my perspective, has shown itself to be one of the major causes of pain and suffering in our lives. 

My Ascension Guide and Teacher, Kaye-Aye, taught me many years ago that expectation causes pain. How subtly that shows up was an eye-opener for me. It was shocking to see how subtly we project expectations onto others and also, how blatantly we do it too, without realizing it. I'll elaborate further on. 

Another very important thing to bear in mind is that our planet collectively is undergoing ascension, meaning the collective consciousness of the planet is raising its vibration to the next level. However, what this also means is that ALL lower level energies will be permanently separated from the new dimension of consciousness we are entering. Thus the current energies are very intense for those who have not awoken to their Soul Presence and remain attached to the personality and it's limiting desires and addictions. 

Those of us who are integrating the higher aspects of ourselves understand that there are higher levels of less dense vibration also engaging with us resulting in us transcending our karmic imprints and life-lessons and ascending into the higher dimensions of consciousness resulting in us now embodying more and more of our Higher and Supreme Selves (Avatar and Rishi) Templates. This means the closed-loop cycle of repeated karmic re-incarnation is now a thing of the past. We are now ALL being afforded the opportunity to ascend out of thos Universal Time Matrix permanently.

These higher vibrating energies are resulting in more of us feeling a very deep inner stirring prompting us to awaken to our Higher Self and the Higher Dimensional Beings of Living Light that are now encouraging us to respond and awaken to our TRUE SELF. As we respond to these precious and sacred energies enfolding our planet, as it stands now, we are being afforded the opportunity to embrace the new potential that lies within the divine dynamics we have attracted into our space as a result of our intentions.

Intentions are a vital part of creating the energy dynamic within our immediate environment, as well as, the energy that continuously projects through the electromagnetic field surrounding us. That electromagnetic field is an energy magnet or an energy repulsor, depending on the nature of the energy being attracted to you; just like a magnet can attract or repel.  

The Law of Expectation can help us better understand the deeper vibration of energy working in our space and in our life as a whole. This kinetic (moving) energy is an opportunity to choose, with great discernment and confidence, the new energy signature we are enabling as an organic presence in our lives.  

Let's look at the many faces of expectation. 

To begin with, the most important thing to bear in mind and to remind yourself of is that energy always follows thought and it will only go towards that which you imagine is possible. In other words, the energy that follows thought will only move toward that which you are energizing through your beliefs, through your expectations, assumptions and everything else you perceive to be an energy that measures your vibration.  

This measuring vibration is often functioning from the subconscious mind. So, we might think to ourselves: "I am expecting to live my best life ever. I am expecting that all of my problems will go away. I expect that what I have asked for is going to be delivered." But then it doesn't and many people become frustrated and feel like the Universe/Spirit/God has abandoned them. But what many forget is that our expectations and what we truly believe inside of our being, is what determines the quality of our manifestations.

So when we fully grasp the fact that energy follows thought, bottom line, period, then we will be in a more personally empowered position to positively continue expanding our energy in alignment with higher vibrational intentions where, as a result of the time and energy we are investing in our personal process of leaving behind our past traumas, outdated assumptions, belief systems and perceptions, we then continue to climb our personal spiral stairway into the heavenly mansions of greater knowledge, living love and authentic wisdom.  

This personal spiral is our unique ascension ladder, which has been with us since we were created. This energy serves as a descension or an ascension. This stairway to the heavenly mansions is your ascension spiral holding all the frequencies and experiences of past, present and future that make up your personal section of the great collective Living Akashic Library of Living Light.

Each descension is not necessarily a bad thing. It is necessary at times that we descend into the depths of ourselves in order to connect with what no longer serves us (the things that have reached their expiry date and are just taking up unwanted space). We as human beings must understand that in order for the collective energy to shift, the expectations of each individual needs to match a collective higher frequency. This is exactly where we are at now as we come to the end of the bifurcation. Critical mass has been reached and collective planetary ascension is happening. We cross the threshold on the 31st of December 2017. (Check out our "Soul Chat - Bifurcation Update" here.)

Therefore the more of us who courageously allow ourselves to descend our spiral stairway of ascension and really get into those parts of ourselves that are storing outdated, old, unviable and expired energy, we can make way for these new energies to step in. We cannot leave our space unattended for an indefinite period of time. Imagine if you never, ever from this day forward, ever washed a dirty dish again, or a piece of laundry. Imagine you never took a duster to any part of your home again and never washed your body ever again. It would be pretty nasty.  Thus, if you're not going to take time to do any cleaning up of yourself, you are going to be sitting with a nasty mess. 

Most of humanity is so disconnected from themselves and their souls that they do not even realize the importance of keeping the body, mind and spirit pure - cleaning up their inner and outer act.

Imagine now that you decide you're going to wash your dishes and clean your laundry but you're not going to clean your bedroom nor make-up your bed. Your living room you decide you're not going to pay too much attention to either because people are in and out of there all the time and always making a mess, so what's the use of cleaning up all the time just for it to get messed up and dirty again. And because you are always going to sleep in your bed and mess up your bedding, what is the use of making the bed? But you need clean dishes.  

So your bedroom and your living room are going to be left to carry as much dirt and suffer under the weight of lack of attention. Thus you have two sections of your home that are spotless but there are other sections that are filthy. That energy will clash with the rest of the environment.

Thus it is the same if you are only going to attend to your physical body, or your intellectual body and leave your emotional, mental and spiritual body unattended. The weight of that ignorance, denial or fear will eventually taint the rest of your bodies. You might continuously be ill because there are aspects that are not attended to. Or you might become so stuck in the intellectual mind that all you do is constantly throw out meaningless intellectual information, making sure that everyone sees how much knowledge you have, but it's meaningless. What is it doing/helping?

This intellect or knowledge without application, without wisdom and love applied to it, is empty. It is useless because what are you doing with it? All energy needs to be utilized. So we go back to the main point, that energy follows thought. And what we expect, truly expect, and what we believe, is what we will create.

I suggest you take some time and write down all of your expectations, regardless of what they are. And see where your expectations have been met and where they have NOT been met.

Then ascertain -

  • Are those expectations specifically in alignment with what you expect from yourself and others?
  • What do you expect from others and from yourself - realistically and unrealistically.
  • Are those expectations specifically in alignment with what you expect from life/Spirit/the Universe/God.  
Once you understand what your expectations are, then you can begin to separate the different levels of expectation and begin to work with it in a constructive manner. For instance, if you are expecting a difficult financial situation to change because you are doing work on yourself or, you are choosing to focus on positive thoughts regarding this, but it's not changing, then you need to ask yourself, what do you honestly and truly expect. Do you, in your head, want your financial situation to change, but there is a part of you that keeps on telling you, in the back of your mind, "don't be silly, you know it's not going to change because, for you, it never does!"  

That nagging voice might also say to you "you are suffering from a case of wishful thinking and that's all it is; it's just a wish. Your wishes never get fulfilled because you are not worthy of it." Or you're constantly repeating affirmations for your financial situation to change, but when you are with people or around others you catch yourself constantly complaining about how you have no money and big debt. If you're always complaining about how difficult life is and how you're suffering because your finances are always short or your relationship is such a miserable place to be, then you need to stop yourself and take control of what you are creating because realistically you're expecting the situation not to change. Your behaviour is ensuring this happens.

The next aspect of expectation, which is the part that often causes pain for both ourselves and others, is when we expect others to behave or perform in the same way that we would have, given the same situation. For example, your partner/friend/child doesn't handle a situation the way you expected them to and you feel angry and dissappointed. The reason you feel this way is because you expected them to handle the situation the way you would have if you were in their shoes. Remind yourself that it's their experience and their responsibility to handle the situation in the way they best can so that they can learn and grow. Or, perhaps, you need to learn from the expereince and let everyone do things the way that they are able to without you trying to control outcomes because you expected better or different. 

Or, you expect your partner or whomever it is, to use their initiative when you are very busy and to know what it is you want them to do. Because you are stressed out and busy, you feel irritated by them because they are not doing what you expect them to do although you haven't explained to them what you need them to do. You're expecting them to guess what you need doing, and act!

That level of expectation causes a lot of pain and frustration because our expectations are being projected onto another, and that level of projection will inevitably cause stress, pain, suffering, anger, rejection, resistance and conflict. 

We need to look at how it is we project our expectations onto others, and how, when we've done that and they have not complied, we become angry or upset or frustrated and project those negative energies onto the person for not meeting our expected criteria. Then we begin to see how the energies become distorted through the energy of projection. Projection is an energy we must all understand and master. As you know, we can project positive and negative energies.  

When it comes to working with the Law of Expectation we need to look at what our expectations are; our expectations of life, our expectations of ourselves and our expectations of Spirit/God.  

So through the Law of Expectation, we are recognizing how the projection of energy limits us, supports or sabotages us. When we take full responsibility for our expectations, put them into perspective and take one expectation at a time, this offers us the opportunity to gently descend along our ascension ladder and enter our inner spaces where the energy is needing to be cleaned out or cleared up and ascend up again.

This is a powerful opportunity for all of us, especially with regard to this current timeline. The end of the Bifurcation is presenting us with the phenomenal opportunity to learn wonderful things about ourselves by fearlessly allowing ourselves to be purified of those things, places, people and memories that are no longer vibrating in unison with our elevated vibration and the next level of our more consciously realized self.  

Purging ourselves of that which is no longer supporting us is a vital part of keeping our holy temple (body) sacred, keeping it free of unnecessary energy. Everything that is no longer required is released. 

If you feel you need some deep purification assistance, then I suggest you use our  Planetary Imperfection Ascension Clearing Event we conducted in September 2017. It was deeply shifting and empowering.

Going forward I urge you to surrender your negative expectations to the Living Light of your Fully Mastered God-Realized Self and our Supreme Heavenly Creators. Our body is a magnificent conductor of energy and a powerful transmitter of information, as well as a powerful receptor of information. So being aware of what we receive and transmit is a vitally important part of maintaining the Sacred Temple Energy within and without.  

The Law of Expectation is offering us a true soul liberating opportunity to come and understand how our expectations serve or sabotage us.  

This entails the very important process of introspection and self-reflection because many do not even realize the extent of their expectations and how far those expectations reach. This is why fearlessly digging into our own world of expectation will reveal to us some very important things we had not expected to tap into before.  

Sit in a quiet and peaceful space, and invite in your Higher Self and Spirit/God (whatever you resonate with), and as you sit in the Presence of our Supreme Heavenly Creators, invite in all the Supreme Beings of the Living Light who mentor you, whom you turn to for advice, for guidance and for support. Invite your Higher Self and Spirit/God, to guide you safely and positively along the line of your expectations so that you can consciously and comfortably recognize the expectations no longer serving a purpose in your life. You can have a notepad and pen handy and get writing immediately.

  • Ask your Higher Self and Spirit/God to help you consciously and graciously recognize all the expectations that are, in fact, sabotaging you rather than creating a smooth flow in your life.  
  • Ask your Higher Self and Spirit/God to help you courageously and fearlessly acknowledge all the expectations you unfairly project onto others and then react negatively when they don't comply.
  • Ask your Higher Self and Spirit/God to help you openly, lovingly and with sincere compassion and forgiveness recognize all the unrealistic expectations you place upon yourself, expecting yourself to do things, to be things and become something or someone that does not resonate with your true, pure authentic self. Repeat this process daily and you'll notice a difference within a few days. 
  • And then ask these magnificent energies to guide you, every day, in helping you build positive expectations, expectations that resonate with your highest truth, expectations that are positive, practical, empowering, peaceful and filled with endless potential. This means our expectations become empowering intentions being repeatedly affirmed daily from a place of inner stability, peace and resonance with our environment and what it is we have chosen to manifest. 
  • Ask your Higher Self and Spirit/God to help you to continue responding to the greater expectations of love and wisdom which are to forgive and move forward. 
Make the effort, each day, to observe the boundaries and limitations you have placed on expectation and ask your Higher Self and Spirit/God to show you, encourage and support you, in moving beyond the self-imposed barriers you have erected in relation to what you expect to become the reality of your life.

Remember, everything begins and ends with you. And if you continue to expect the worst to happen to you and others, then so it shall be. If you constantly expect to be last in line, then so it shall be. If you constantly expect the universe not to support you, then so it shall be.

Give yourself the powerful gift of healing by looking at your expectations from all angles. Do not rush through it. Take the time and be patient, persevere and be true to yourself; your true self, not your fearful self. Many people are true to themselves but what they do not realize is that they are being true to the lower ego, true to the part that is full of fear and mistrust, cynicism and expecting disappointment.  

The ball is now truly in our court. The realms in which we are functioning now are immensely powerful manifestation energies. 

The more we move beyond the dimensions of our limitation so it is we will come to see the more expanded existence that we have been living in all this time. We are actively in the flow of Mother Earth's greatest spiritual change in Earth's history. Her rise is the fall of those who do not serve her with love and respect. 

We must trust that because energy follows a thought, we have the power within ourselves to completely shift the dynamics in our lives. But we need to dig deep, and digging deep takes courage, patience and perseverance. However, should we do this and continue doing it, we will see positively empowering results in a short space of time. 

Understanding our own expectation dynamic will create new dynamics for us and dynamically change our lives or adjust it, in support of a powerful new realm of living love and authentic wisdom coming to life from within us.  

Everything is connected. Nothing is separate. So when we come together as individual Spiritual Lightwarriors doing everything in our power to do what we need to do for ourselves, we will eventually become a large group of empowered individual Spiritual Lightwarriors who have created a magnificent interdependent dynamic because our intentions shall connect to each other and create a powerful electromagnetic field of empowering living love and wisdom. These are the energies that now wash across the earth like great tsunami's cleaning the energy up.

You make a difference, a very powerful difference when you work into yourself. When you maintain your sacred temple you empower the rest of the world, without the rest of the world even knowing it. And when there are great numbers of Lightwarriors, such as ourselves honouring our journey and rejoicing in our personal healing, together we create a magnetic field so powerful that the malefic forces, eventually, can no longer stand the presence of the power of that living (organic) light, leading to the inorganic worlds crumbling. So continue, in your personal capacity, because this becomes our collective strength in numbers.

I understand that fear is not easy to overcome. I understand that years of experiencing disappointment and disillusionment leave an imprint and this is what one then comes to expect subconsciously. But having said this, it is also a fact that we can be completely rewired, that our DNA imprinting can change, which is what we're doing now.

Finally, if you can't break away from expectations and if all that I have said doesn't resonate with you, then make sure you're expecting BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES FOR ALL!

Much love and appreciation,
Michelle Manders xxx

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