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“I would encourage all of us not to think the Fed is the magic solution to how we’re going to solve climate risk.” - Mary Daly, president, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. 
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All Ahead Full: Private Credit Outlook 2022
(Second of a Series)
Thanksgiving week in the US capital markets is always a mixed blessing. A wonderful time for families and friends, celebration and gratitude. Yet it’s also smack in the mad year-end rush. Everyone juggling deals and holiday get-togethers – and all running on fumes. Six weeks before, incredibly, it starts all over again.

What will deal activity look like in 2022? Hard to beat 2021. As our friends at S&P LCD noted last week, high-yield bond and leveraged loan issuance set a new annual high of $1 trillion. Also, junk bond AUM topped $1.5 trillion. And the total leverage finance market surpassed $3 trillion.

Finally, as our Chart of the Week depicts, combined syndicated and direct loans set a record $228 billion, topping 2007’s BSL-only mark.

Several causes contributed to this run-up. There’s recognition that broad swaths of the economy, particularly B2B industries, are in great shape...
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Chart of the Week
Team Effort
Combined syndicated and direct loans were a record $228 billion, topping BSL’s 2007’s mark. 
Source: Refinitiv LPC
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Including direct lending loans, 2021 US LBO volume is at an all-time high
When including direct lending deals, US LBO loan volume has reached an all-time high this year. Year-to-date through November 22, there has been US$194bn in syndicated US LBO volume...
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Is infrastructure poised for a resurgence?
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North American private debt AUM
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Up until the Global Financial Crisis, the majority of Europe-focused financing came from banks. After 2008, borrowers were forced to turn to other sources of debt finance as banks tightened the purse strings...
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