eNewsletter of Multiple District Four California Lions
November 2017
 Council Chair Rob Manning
Lions of Multiple District Four: 
It’s Great to Be a Lion!! 
Our multiple district membership is over 20,670 Lions with 747 Lions Clubs; our new Global Action Team (GLT/GMT/GST) is on the move; our governors and vice-district governors are doing a great job in leading their districts and MD-4, and our service to others continue to grow. 
MD-4 Leading the Way
Since July, MD-4 has chartered 6 new Lions Clubs. Three new clubs were chartered in District 4-C3; one in District 4-C6, one in District 4-L3, and one new charter club in District 4-L6. Last year MD-4 grew in membership by over 650 Lions. Multiple District Four is leading the way in membership growth in the western United States. 

GAT Team Complete
We now have completed the team of our multiple district Global Action Team (GAT) . During the October Council of Governors, PDG Norm MacKenzie was selected as our multiple district Global Service Team coordinator. PDG Norm joins GLT coordinator PCC Liz Crooke and GMT coordinator PDG Buck Larsen. The GAT is currently working on an action plan on coordinating the GLT, GMT, and GST to better serve our districts and multiple district. We have great leadership in Multiple District Four. 

Rose Parade Float
We are looking forward to the upcoming Rose Parade Float activities in Pasadena.  International President Naresh Aggarwal and his wife Navita, and several other of the International family will be attending. 

For our multiple district convention in February, our guest will be Past International President Sid Scruggs and his wife Lion Judy. I also understand endorsed 3rd Vice President Candidate Brian Sheehan will be attending. This should be a great event. 
Upcoming Events
Other upcoming events in MD-4 include the submittal of the application for MD-4 to host the 2022 Canada/USA Forum, the Eyes Across California project in March, the formation of an ad-hoc Nepalese Community Service committee to oversee and assure that the California DMV Drivers Manual is translated into Nepali, and the formation of an ad-hoc committee for the advancement of diabetes screenings, awareness, and education in California.  
We are making a difference. 
 Thank you for allowing Lion Lucy and I to serve Multiple District Four.  
GMT Coordinator, PDG Buck Larson
Greetings Lions of California,

We have had a very exciting first quarter of our Lions year. Thank you for letting our team bring our five programs to your districts to assist you in growing your membership. It has been most gratifying to have presented in eleven of the
districts and we wish to present to all the districts twice before our convention in February. The response has been very favorable and we do believe we can make an impact in your district's growth.

As we move through the second quarter it is important to keep your focus on membership. Lions Clubs International has done studies that show districts that are down in membership have a less than 10 percent chance of being positive at the end of the year.


Please keep membership as a large part of your focus at all of your training sessions. As we move forward we wish to bring our training to your zone meetings and eventually help you troubleshoot with your clubs that need rebuilding.

It is also imperative that you work on new club development. We have two
new club development specialists in California who are itching to help you bring
new clubs to your districts. Lions Clubs International will foot the bill for all our
expenses so please make this a priority.

In California in the past three years we have had exceptional growth in the two years we focused on new club development. Please integrate that into this years membership program. This is the best multiple district in North America. Lions the world over are watching us to show them the ways to make the Lions experience spread to those who can help us grow. We are very proud of what we are accomplishing and count on you to allow us to keep moving forward.

Thank you for all your hard work.
GLT Coordinator, PCC Liz Crooke
'Tis the Season, for Holiday Celebrating,
Memory Making, and Service
Several years ago I was surprised to find that in my District, the November and December months are the busiest for our Lions. I now realize that is true for Lions across our State. 

Certainly, there are great opportunities for hands-on service and giving to those less fortunate. This year, I challenge you to incorporate some Leadership into your service. 

  • Who are the newest members in your club?
  • Do they have any new ideas for Holiday hands-on service projects?
  • Is it time to incorporate a new tradition of service?
  • What friends, neighbors or family members want to take some time away from gift buying and party planning to join you in giving back?
  • Can you challenge your Club members to bring a friend to your next project?
  • Will you consider asking your club members to bring non-perishable food to club meetings to be donated to the closest food pantry or food bank?
  • What service project can you include local LEOs in to increase the number participating, and the number served?  

Take some time to think outside the box this year to add more to your service between now and the end of the year. Ask for new project ideas and ask someone outside your club to join you.  

And last but not least, take some time for yourself. Spend quality time with family and friends, rejoice in the memories you are making. Peace and love to you and yours this Holiday Season. 
MD4 LCIF Chair, PCC Roger Powell
California Lions Off to a Generous Start in 2017

First Quarter Totals Show
MD4 Lions' Generosity

By the end of the first quarter MD4 Lions had already reached 1/3 of our 2017-18 goal of $550,000! This was due to the generosity of our Lions responding to the need for disaster relief. That response has been fantastic!

Top districts as of 9/30 were:
  • L6 - $38,706;
  • L4 - $24,350;
  • L2 - $17,560;
  • A3 - $14,911; &
  • C3 - $14,757.

It's early days to be judging participation figures, but L4 is ahead of the pack at 52.78% followed by C5 at 42.59%. And more 100% clubs are coming in, which should bring our individual contributions to a new high. Thank you all for set-ting and meeting such high standards!

Recovery Needs Lie Ahead

Now recovery needs lie ahead as three areas of California and of the nation as well as Mexico and Puerto Rico fight their battle of rebuilding. We know the urge is there to do something & do it NOW, but to be effective we need to make the best use of our resources. A most important element is connecting with the local emergency coordinating committee. Lions can no longer just jump in to help without making this connection. Otherwise our help could be turned away.

Individuals, Districts Can Continue to Help

During the fire crises here in California, several districts received emergency grants of $10,000 to aid their communities. Now individuals can join in cleanup efforts and the like on their own. Districts may want to take advantage of the Commun-ity Recovery Grant. This grant is for Lions districts interested in supporting short-term cleanup and repair efforts. No matching funds are required. The effort is to focus on a smaller or specific population among those impacted by the dis-aster. Grants are available up to $20,000. The District Governor must apply within 60 days of the disaster's occur-rence. Clubs may not apply. Districts may apply once in a six-month period. At least 100 people need to be impacted or displaced by the disaster. Construction projects are not eligible. Possible types of activities include purchase of equipment and supplies for debris removal, equipment & materials for min-or repair and refurbishment of groups of homes, medical facilities, schools and other public institutions, coordination of blood drives and temporary/mobile eye care clinics for victims to replace lost glasses.

Longer-Term Assistance Is Also Available

Another possible grant is for Long-Term Construction Equipment. This is a Standard Grant available for Lions districts interested in rebuilding or equipping vital public facilities such as schools, medical facilities and centers for the elderly and disabled that were damaged by a natural disaster. This is a matching grant opportunity requiring local funding from Lions. The grant range is $10,000-$100,000. District leaders should refer to the Standard Grant Criteria available online or re-quest this from the LCIF District Coordinator or me.

How Large Grants from LCIF Work

Early on, LCIF approved grants of $100,000 each for Texas, Florida, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. This money is made available to the disaster areas, that is, kept in reserve for needs as the local DG and Disaster Committee require funds. The money is not just handed over, and the locals & LCIF must account for how the funds are spent. LCIF's practices have led to its fifth consecutive 4-Star (highest) rating by Charity Navigator. (Red Cross remains at 3 stars.)

Important Changes Taking Place

Two important changes are taking place at LCIF. Most exciting is the new Sharing Program of Club/district grants which will become available in 2018-19. Amounts will be based on 2017-18 donations. The minimum amount to qualify for clubs is $5000; for districts it's $10,000. 15% of the amount donated will be available to clubs/districts upon completion of a simple application. Funds are to be used for local programs in line with LCIF's areas of focus. Donations must be "unrestricted," i.e. designated to "Area of Greatest Need." If a club chooses to participate on its own, its donations will not count toward the district's total. Also important: Grant Categories are being revised to take effect July 1, 2018. One addition is the opportunity for Leo clubs to apply for Leo service grants. The revised categories are: Humanitarian, Disaster, SightFirst, Designated, Leos, and District/Club Sharing. 1st VDGs have received a detailed table of the categories, their subdivisions and deadlines for grant requests under the old system before it is phased out.

More Club Coordinators Still Needed

We are in the process of implementing the Club Coordinator program. While many clubs have named their LCIF Coordinators, more are needed. Clubs should work with their Districts' LCIF Coordinators on this so that by the spring training for all can be completed.

Remember Our MD4 LCIF Motto Is
IPID Howard Hudson
As a Past International Director from California, I continue to be proud of the work and enthusiasm shown by the Lions of California. During and immediately after the hurricanes that devastated Texas, the Caribbean Islands and the East Coast, the Lions of California responded promptly and generously with donations either through LCIF or directly to the stricken areas. These storms were followed so tragically by the fires primarily in Northern California. And through those, the Lions of California again responded with donations and equally importantly, with service and aid to those who may have lost their homes or property. 

While these are certainly tragic events, the spirit of Lionism shines through wherever we look. You, the Lions of California continue to live up to our centennial slogan of "Where there's a need, there's a Lion".

Leadership Opportunities
We continue to demonstrate our leadership and quest for knowledge as was demonstrated at the recent USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum where California once again led the way with the most registered attendees. In the months ahead, everyone has the opportunity to further their involvement and leadership growth through the California Lions Leadership Institutes. While some Multiple Districts have trouble promoting and supporting these institutes, ours continue to grow. 

As you read the Lion Magazine, you will continue to see the Lions of California featured in new and innovative service and fund raising projects. Over the years, we have learned that the innovations we have instituted here are copied throughout the United States. 

Membership Growth
While membership growth has lagged behind some previous years, we see signs that this too is turning around. I have received several notices that New Club Specialists have been invited to various Districts here. Anyone who has had the experience of working with one of these New Club Specialists will verify that their help and guidance is invaluable. So I want to encourage all District Governors and District Global Membership Team Coordinators to invite a specialist to an area somewhere in your district. I say this because we all know that there are pockets of need everywhere. And since "Where there's a need, there's a Lion", we have the opportunity all over this Multiple District to grow and make a difference in people's lives.

Rose Parade
With the Holiday Season coming up, please do not forget the Rose Parade and the Lions Activities surrounding that. You will have the opportunity to work side by side with Lions outside your district. And we have learned that not just International President Agarwal will be here. But there will be several other International Officers who plan to be here. This will be a great opportunity for you to meet them and work side by side with them.

So, again, I will conclude by saying THANK YOU LIONS OF CALIFORNIA. You are setting an example for Lions throughout North America through your dedication and service.
Area Global Service Coordinator Update
by PID Larry Dicus, Area Global Service Coordinator  
As we enter Lions clubs next century of service, LCI officers and board members have established our association's strategic growth plan, LCI Forward. The goals of LCI forward are outlined at:  
In support of this strategic plan, LCI has created the Global Action Team (GAT). The GAT’s roles are outlined at:  
An integral part of the Global Action Team is the new Global Service Team.  Lions clubs' purpose as an association is to serve others and the Global Service Team (GST) is focused on helping clubs grow service activity and share their successes with other clubs by reporting service activity.  
Congratulations to PDG Norm MacKenzie for being appointed MD4's first MD Global Service Team Coordinator. Congratulations also to Lion Carl Dobluis from District 4-L3 for joining the MD4 GST team in support of service activities expansion and reports. I look forward to supporting Lions Norm and Carl as they begin working together with District Service Coordinators and Club Service Chairs.  
In addition, I'm pleased to report that each District in MD4 has appointed their first Global Service Coordinator to promote and support service initiatives in their District clubs. The District Global Service Coordinators are listed below:  
  • District 4 C1 Melanie Hunter 
  • District 4 C2 PDG Martin Van Zandt 
  • District 4 C3 Rene De Luna 
  • District 4 C4 PDG Esther Lee 
  • District 4 C5 Donna Prince 
  • District 4 C6 Rebecca Stewart 
  • District 4 A1 PDG Pat Dimond 
  • District 4 A2 PDG Anthony Martinez 
  • District 4 A3 PDG Charles Cassy 
  • District 4 L1  Luis Rivas 
  • District 4 L2 PDG Chris Ohrmund 
  • District 4 L3 Viola Sioson 
  • District 4 L4 PDG Michael Scheafer 
  • District 4 L5 Mark Bellnap 
  • District 4 L6 PDG Norm MacKenzie 
Each Lions club is also encouraged to elect a member to the new Club Service Chair post. The Club Service Chair is a board member and officer of each club and provides a new leadership opportunity for members. The Club Service Chair is authorized to report service activities into the  MyLCI  system which relieves the club secretary from entering service activity information. Club Service Chair job description can be found at:  
Again, the Global Service Team (GST) has been established to promote the service framework of LCI and LCIF and empower Lions and Leos around the world to maximize impactful service, action and growth. 
New Club Development Workshops
by PDG Karen Fillmore
Lions Clubs International
New Club Development Consultant

Have you put in for your Free LCI Workshop for this Lion’s year? So far, I believe, only 5 out of our 15 Districts have had or have scheduled LCI New Club workshops. This is a great opportunity to get help building new clubs in your District.

Right now, I see we have only 6 new clubs in our Multiple 4 District, and I know more are on the way. We are currently as a multiple down -106 members with only 4 Districts in the positive. I know we can do better with our membership. Let’s work together, and if you are interested in pursuing the FREE LCI WORKSHOP, please contact me or any of our other workshop consultants. Now through January is not the best time to do a workshop and canvas, as people are thinking about the holidays and many are busy with club plans, service projects, etc. However, right after the holidays and through the end of the year would be a time to do a workshop, if you have not already scheduled one this year. I am here to help. Let’s Do It and Celebrate our Multiple 4 with great success.
Peace Poster Contest Deadlines
Entries not meeting deadlines will be disqualified.
  • November 15: Postmark deadline for a club to send one winning poster (per contest sponsored) to the district governor.
  • December 1: Postmark deadline for a Governor to send one winning district poster to multiple district council chairperson.
  • December 1: Postmark deadline for a Governor not belonging to a multiple district to send one winning poster to the Public Relations Department at International Headquarters.
  • December 1: Postmark deadline for a Club not belonging to a district to send one winning entry to the Public Relations Department at International Headquarters.
  • December 15: Postmark deadline for the multiple district council chairperson to send one winning poster to the Public Relations Department at International Headquarters.
  • February 1: International winners notified on or before this date.
Lions Happenings
Check here  for important news and "What's New" information. 

Lions in Sight of California and Nevada
by PID Bill Iannacone

A blog post written by Stacie Chan after a recent trip to Panama with Lions in Sight of California and Nevada and her uncle, Lion Dr. Art Low, of District 4-C6.

"Last week, I was privileged enough to join an incredible group of 17 doctors and volunteers from all over the West Coast to examine 4,344 local Panamanians’ eyes and distribute thousands of glasses. I didn’t know what to expect from my volunteer trip to Panama with the Lions Club. But when I arrived in Panama City, I was blown away by the local Panamanians’ hospitality and their selfless volunteering. This was only the second Lions in Sight event hosted in Panama City, but the local Lions ran the clinic like a well-oiled machine! We set up shop in La Chorrera, a city 25 miles outside of Panama City, which was definitely a stark contrast to the skyline of gleaming skyscrapers in the capital.

"Some background: Every year, the Lions Club International hosts several “Lions in Sight” events, distributing thousands of glasses to locals around the world, from Panama to Nigeria. Since 1987, the nonprofit has distributed nearly 6.5 million pairs of eyeglasses to 67 countries. Year-round, Lions tirelessly collect and sort the glasses, readying them for distribution around the world. Then, doctors take time out of their own busy practices to travel thousands of miles to help locals perform such a vital function that I take for granted every day.

"Each morning when I wake up, I grumble having to shove little pieces of plastic onto my eyeballs in order to see. But for so many people around the world, they lack the means to see clearly and do simple things like drive safely or read or sew. Coming back to the States, I’m trying to adopt a new perspective of gratitude for this amazing technology that allows me to see everything in the world, beautiful and ugly.

"After I placed pair after pair of glasses on people’s faces, the inimitable joy never wore off. It was pure delight seeing an elder woman’s entire face light up as she looked afar to read, or watching a young man crack a smile as he could read the fine print of a newspaper. 'Clarito,' she smiled. 'Perfecto,' he beamed.

District 4-L5 KidSight Vision Team
MD-4Con (2018 Convention)

San Diego, February 9-11, 2018
Crowne Plaza Hotel San Diego – Mission Valley
Special International Guest
PIP Sid Scruggs and Lion Judy

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