The Leader
Newsletter of The San Jacinto County Republican Party
February, 2015 - In This Issue:

Leon Burgess & Lee Bahr Hit the pavement!

Leon & Lee have volunteered to take pictures and submit interviews for The Leader. Thanks so much guys!

Our Victories were decisive, our principles won the day! Historic changes in San Jacinto County have already had a positive effect on life in our community.

SJC Republican Party
PO Box 370
Coldspring TX 77331


Party Chairman:
Dwayne Wright

Party Vice Chairman:
Mary Wilkerson

Party Secretary:
Charlene Capers

Republican Club Meetings:

2nd Monday each month.

Place: Coldspring Community Center

Time: 600 pm Dinner/Fellowship
          700 pm Meeting

$5 suggested donation for dinner

Club President:
Terry Holcomb

Republican Women of SJC Meetings:

3rd Tuesday each month.

Place: Paradise Grille
           Coldspring TX 77331

Time: 700 pm Meeting


Kelly Selmer

"Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy." - Winston Churchill

Just think.... Texas is solely  responsible for net job gains in the US !

Some of the new HQ decor !

Maybe we should have a contest & vote on a name for him !

Historic Changes in the County-wide Offices!
   Tuesday November, 2014 was a great day for the San Jacinto Slate! We won the following offices:

District Judge - Ernie McClendon
District Attorney - Robert H Trapp
County Judge - John Lovett
County Sheriff - Greg Capers
County Clerk - Dawn Wright
County Treasurer - Amanda Washburn

All the hard work put in by the volunteers paid off bigtime!

Leader Spotlight - County Clerks' Office
County Clerk - Dawn Wright
Dawn Wright has taken the courthouse by storm! She has expanded hours, to accommodate the needs of the community, and has taken the office into the 21st century with online search capabilities. This has never been done in this County Clerks' Office! 
Courthouse officials & patrons of the Clerks' Office will agree that the new County Clerks' Office is a pleasant place to be, with "lots of smiling faces and cheery attitudes". 

Sharon Carter

The County Clerks' Office Staff are eager and willing to help their community. They greet everyone with a warm smile and begin each day with prayer prior to opening. Sharon Carter is a welcomed addition to the team!


Chief Deputy, Christina McGee, and Tammy Jones have been valuable resources on the transition team for the Clerks' Office. Their smiles light up the room.

These ladies do a wonderful job daily. Their attention to detail, willingness to learn new things, work-ethic and positive dispositions serve the county well! 

Republican Club Hosts "United States of Dysfunction" author & COCISD superintendent.
Carl Jarvis
   The Republican Club hosted some high-powered speakers and local topic discussions the past two months. Topics ranged from legislative involvement, primary functionality within the Republican Party, and Coldspring Bond Issues. Great work! Kudos to the club!

Having fun at the new HQ !
Ms. Sue opening up a gift... hoping it was another set of those cool coasters with the party logo on 'em!


The White Elephant Christmas Party was a smashing success! Over 60 attendees had fun, food, and fellowship in our new HQ. Thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible.


Leon fielding a call.
Jim Booth Holds Down The Fort

Your Party Leaders Setting the Example!
Republican Club President, Terry Holcomb Sr., speaks at a GRAA rally on the steps of the capital. Terry has been instrumental in fighting for our liberties. His weekly trips to Austin have not gone unnoticed, he is a true patriot in every sense of the word. Feel free to talk to him and his wife Gina about all the work they are doing. They are outstanding representatives of San Jacinto County and the Republican Party. 

The San Jacinto County Crew! Pastor Terry Holcomb Sr., Gina Holcomb, and Alexandria Lainez. 

Chairman Dwayne Wright Recipient of TRCCA Award
   Chairman Dwayne Wright was "...pleasantly surprised" when, while training in Austin, he was presented with the "Best Newcomer Award". TRCCA President (Carl Tepper) & RPT State chairman (Steve Munisteri) presented Chairman Wright with the award.

Texas Republican County Chairmen congregated in Austin Feb. 17-18 to train and hold legislative agenda meetings.

The TRCCA met on the steps of the Governors Mansion in Austin after a long day of speaking with their legislatures. Governor & Mrs.Abbott were outstanding hosts. Pancake -the first dog- was gracious as well.

Polk County Republican Party Annual BBQ/Fundraiser

State Party Chairman, Steve Munisteri, with Dwayne Wright at the Polk County Republican Party Annual BBQ/Fundraiser held in Livingston, TX.

Dwayne & Dawn Wright, representing San Jacinto County Republicans at the Polk County Republican Annual BBQ/Fundraiser

Robertson County Republican Party Reagan Dinner
Nick Carter does the introductions
San Jacinto County Republican Chairman, Dwayne Wright, was the motivational speaker at the Robertson County Reagan Dinner. The event was a huge success! In addition, there were seven people who made the 2.5 hour trek to support the Republican cause. These people are: Nick & Sharon Carter, Roger & Pam Bishop, Haney & Mary Wilkerson, and the Chairmans' wife - Dawn Wright. It is dedication and selflessness like this that will make our community a better place for our children and grandchildren!

Republican branding was a key item in the speech given, with props!

Chairman Wright gives Chairman Miller Red Paint for her county!